When you are entrusted with a role as important as that of being a bridesmaid, godmother or something similar, an incessant search begins for wonderful ideas with which to enjoy and think about how you would be on that special day.

But even if this idea is incredible and makes you all the illusion in the world, we know perfectly well how difficult it is to find that perfect look that is up to the event, with which you look beautiful and feel comfortable.

There are many special dresses and suits, but we are very attentive to the proposals that come and one of them has made us fall in love. It’s about the look that she has worn Sassa de Osma at the Pronovias fashion show and that, evidently, belongs to his new collection.

A stunning dress to be the perfect guest

It is a strapless dress with a black base but filled with brightly colored flowers that still do not break the magic of the darkness of the base, they only contrast it. We also have to say that the hairstyle she wears, which couldn’t be simpler, is one of the ones that best suits this type of dress. They have an overwhelming personality.

Sassa de Osma has loose hair, parted in the middle and perfectly polished that is placed behind her shoulders, it is a very elegant and simple option that looks spectacular. So we strongly recommend that you take a look at the new Pronovias proposal and more in the guest section, because there are dresses that will take your breath away. Also the black that Dulceida has worn is worthy of admirationvery simple, but with a beautiful and elegant structure that plays with transparencies like nobody else, really, so don’t waste any more time and order it as soon as possible.

sassa de osma pronovias 2023

paul de la calle

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