He satisfyer The clitoral sucker is one of the most popular sex toys for women, since 2019 and due to the social distancing caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, this device has considerably increased its sales.

Recently, a debate has been opened between sexologists and experts in the sexual field who point out that the frequent use of this device can have side effects on orgasms.

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According to the sexologist and psychologist Cristina Callao on her Instagram account: “When we get used to masturbating in a specific way, with a powerful and localized stimulus, we run the risk that we can only orgasm that way.”

In the same way, it calls for women to be able to allow yourself to feel and enjoy “every phase of the sexual response human and not go through them in seconds, to go directly to orgasm”.

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In an interview huffpostensures that the use of the clitoral sucker “It’s not bad if you alternate it with other forms of masturbation that are not so intense.”

In dialogue with the same medium, the psychologist and sexologist Adriana Royo assured that:
“It’s about the fast food of orgasms and this is not entirely right because the pleasure comes from spending time, space and taking things easy.”

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EL TIEMPO consulted with the sexologist Flavia Dos Santos, who gave her opinion on this issue: “There are no physical risks, sex toys are designed to be used on the genitals.”

In the same way, he clarified the possible risks that exist when sharing or not properly cleaning these devices: “Sex toys are not shared, if people have a disease such as herpes, an injury or if the toy is dirty it can have repercussions on the body “.

The sexologist recommends keeping these devices very clean and if “they are going to be shared with another person, put a condom on.”

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