Matilda Salazar He demonstrated extraordinary ability for sports. In addition to taking piano, dance and skating classes, the little girl was encouraged to participate with Luciana Salazarher mother, from a school competition that her school holds twice a year and came out very victorious.

In the images that the model shared on her social networks, mother and daughter can be seen running with “weight” tied, playing with hoop hoops, running over inflatable posts and dodging cones, in this kind of decathlon .

Luciana Salazar talked about Matilda’s sports skills

“It was very nice, very fun. Lincoln is a school where there are a lot of these types of activities to share with the family, they constantly make us parents participate. Matilda was drunk, besides, her grandmother also put up with her“, he told PEOPLE the driver.

Matilda Salazar learned to ride a kite
Matilda Salazar learned to ride a kite at her school

In addition, she recounted what the 5-year-old girl’s sports routine is like: “Matilda loves everything that is a sporting activity: gymnastics, dance and any type of sport. She is super active, she does everything. From Monday to Saturday she has extracurricular physical activities every day“.

Matilda Salazar learned to ride a kite
Matilda Salazar playing with her schoolmates

Finally, she proudly concluded: “All the moms come up to me and say ‘Luciana, Matilda has a physical ability that we can not believe. She is here to compete! For you to put it in the SENAR they tell me’ (laughs). The motor skills he has is truly impressive. The first time I took her skating last year she didn’t even know how to hold a skate and by three classes she was already lifting her legs in the air. She has a great facility with all things sporty.”

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