In a world increasingly focused on theory and academic education, a school in Paraguay is gaining recognition for its focus on teaching practical skills to their students.

Located in Ciudad del Este, this institution has shared images of its students on its social networks learning to iron and use electrical appliancesamong other activities.

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In the approach of the Sembrador Ciudad del Este school, it has shown that education is not limited only to theoretical subjects, but can also provide students with the tools to face the challenges of daily life.

In a recent post on his Facebook account, he showed sixth graders ironing clothes.

The photos were accompanied by a text that highlighted the importance of developing these skills, emphasizing their role in the formation of autonomy and motor development of young people.

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The words of support for the initiative on social networks did not wait. “How nice to see this”, “I missed that subject at school”, “excellent”, “it’s good to learn useful things”, “I love it, children must be taught to be independent”, were some of those who filled the comment section of the post.

According to users on social networks, this initiative It is something that should be imitated by other schools, since it can provide you with a comprehensive and valuable education.

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The importance of teaching practical skills to students does not go unnoticed in today’s society.

This school in Paraguay has captured this need and is making a difference by equipping its students with skills that will serve them well in the future.

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