Sebastián Villa is between a rock and a hard place. After being sentenced for crimes of gender violence against his ex-partner, Daniela Cortés, to two years and a month in prison in Argentina, the Colombian player spends his most uncertain hours.

Villa, according to what was said at the time, was separated from the club’s activities despite having a current contract and being authorized to be taken into account.

Then, the footballer would have decided to radically resolve his sporting situation and would have used pressure so that Boca Juniors could immediately decide his future. For this reason, the Argentine media say, he returned to Colombia, where he is after receiving a sentence.

From his country of origin, Villa would have given him an ultimatum to Boca Juniors to reinstate him. On June 23, it was said that the player assured that if they did not take him into account in the next five days, he would consider himself a free agent and leave the team.

And this Thursday they report that Boca Juniors has already responded. And he did it in such a forceful way that he makes sure that war is declared.

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Boca Juniors declares war with Villa

Sebastián Villa (right), during the first day of the trial against him.


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Boca Juniors responded in the last few hours to the ultimatum given by Villa.

“Villa wants to be released but we are not going to allow it. The pass is from Boca. It’s one thing that he doesn’t train with the squad, but he has to comply with his obligation to continue training at the club,” says the Argentine outlet ‘TN’ who said about the xeneize team.

According to ‘TN’, Boca Juniors demanded from Villa, by means of a letter, that he return to Argentina, since “I was not authorized to travel to Colombia”.

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Villa’s future


Alejandro Pagni. AFP

Boca has in Villa one of the highest assets of the entire squad. The player has a contract until December 2024, but Villa does not want to be without work any longer and hopes, in Argentina or in another country, to continue his career.

Villa appealed his sentence. And although he has another case underway, he is confident that after the sentence handed down the appeal will favor him and he will be able to continue playing.

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