the comedian sebastian wainraich FI was interviewed on the program hosted by Fer Dente and he was counting and denying some rumors about his life and his career. During the interview, they showed some messages from his followers and the actor assured that “being in a relationship leads you to do some things” in reference to the comment of his follower, who told him that he took his girlfriend to see him at the theater .

This talk gave the foot so that Sebastian He will confess how his first date with the humorist was Dahlia Gutman. I remember that when I started going out with Dalia we went to the theater to see a tango show and we like tango, but sung. We went to the show and we were wondering when they would start singing, but it was a dance solo show in the huge theater and we were really far away.” he explained between laughs.

hearing it, teeth asked if at any time either of them dared to confess that they were not enjoying the work and Sebastian he refused. “I pretended that I liked it and threw comments and opinions, but hey, it happened” explained the journalist.

Sebastián Wainraich talked about his fantasy with Susana Giménez

Wainraich confessed that, in his adolescence, he was in love with Susana Giménez

Journalist sebastian wainraich was visiting in Al Dente Night and was submitted to the round of questions that the driver asks. “Sebastián fulfilled a fantasy from his youth with an Argentine diva. What is this? With the Su?began consulting FFernando Dente.

Susana made a film called La Mary’, directed by Daniel Tinayreand there you see a naked Susana making love with Carlos Monzon In fiction, of course. The film is very hard and it is about Susana wanting to marry a virgin”, the guest began explaining about the classic of Argentine cinema.

wainraich continuous: “A teenager, he watched that movie and fell totally in love with Susana. And years later I did a show in Miami and Susana came to see me, and that’s how the circle closes”he explained between laughs. After this, she launched an enigmatic: “And I’m not telling you what happened that night after, I’m not going to say it publicly.”slipped

However, the unknown lasted a few seconds about what happened: “I’m going to tell you, I’m going to tell you. Susana went to her house and I went to the hotel, but I took with me the memory of Susana, which was a little kiss ”, hill. On the giant screen, the production revealed an image shared by itself gimenezwho accompanied by the comedian detailed: “I went to see Seba Wainraich. Great! Full theater. A genius”.

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