This April 26, in Colombia, Secretary’s Day is commemorateda date that serves to claim and distinguish the work of those who practice this profession.

This day honors the secretaries of the country, for their work, effort and dedication, when it comes to being a fundamental part of public and private sector companies.

It is known that this profession had important historical precedents. One of them was the arrival of the typewriter in 1868, by the Americans Carlos Glidden and Christopher Latham Sholes. An invention that opened the way to new job opportunities for both women and men.

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Thus, in 1970 the first organization dedicated to defending the rights of secretaries arose.. During the First Inter-American Congress of Secretaries, various agreements regarding technical, labor, cultural and moral improvement were stipulated. This set a precedent for celebrating the holiday as we know it today.

To honor this date, we have compiled some phrases that you can dedicate to your acquaintances, family or friends, that you know are secretaries in Colombia.

Secretary’s Day is a day celebrated annually in a small number of countries.

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Dedications to commemorate Secretary’s Day

The phrases were collected from the website dedicated to creating original, unique and innovative messages ‘Very beautiful phrases’.

– I congratulate you for your commitment to this company, for your kindness and efficiency in your work. Have a great Secretary’s Day!

– We value the dedication you put into all your functions and your role will always be essential for the success of this management. Happy secretary day.

– Thank you for your effort, discipline, dedication and sympathy to achieve the goals that you set for yourself every day. Happy secretary day.

– On this Secretary’s Day, we want to thank everyone for their daily work and dedication. Their role is essential in keeping a business running. Good day!

– Your great preparation and your experience come to light every day in all your work. That’s why you’re such a good secretary. Congratulations in this day!

– Today we want to thank you for the commitment and affection with which you perform your work.

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– Only people like you make days full of professionalism and harmony possible.

– Perhaps there are too few words to express our gratitude for the great support that you usually give us. You have earned our recognition and also our sincere friendship. Happy secretary day!

– I send you a special greeting on your day, because you are a secretary worthy of imitation. Her work is impeccable and her kindness is the detail that this company lacked to prosper. Thank you!

– This greeting is for those who treat us with kindness and are always willing to collaborate. That person who spares no detail and is in charge of keeping this place in order. Happy secretary day!

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