Selena Gomez He is one of the biggest stars in the world of music. With a career that she began in her teens, she has inspired millions of young people around the world.

has become a referent of empowerment and strength to support and accompany women to make decisions, express themselves and exert influence in society.

When women like Selena Gomez are open and honest about their own struggles and challenges, they can help normalize experiences that other women face and remove the stigmas associated with them.

This has been the foundation of the singer and actress to fight against inequality, mental health problems, and how through music and representation you can encourage empowerment.

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Advocate for gender equality

Selena has defended different causes to promote gender equality and She has used her social media platform to speak out on issues like sexual harassment and gender-based violence.

One of the most remembered cases was at the end of 2017 as a result of the number of scandals that pointed to actors and film producers as guilty of sexual harassment and even rape of various actresses.

From this arose the campaign ‘Time’s Up’which means ‘Time is over’ in Spanish, an initiative aimed to help women who have suffered workplace harassment and who do not have the resources to report it.

Entrepreneur and mental health advocate

Selena Gomez has infused her beauty brand, called ‘Rare Beauty,’ with her trademark focus on body positivity and diversity. “We must be true to ourselves because that is what makes us beautiful,” said the actress on her brand’s website.

As a result, it has been widely accepted, becoming one of the most successful celebrity-created brands, and one of the best. Their most popular product are liquid and cream blushes.

The brand launched in 2020 aims to celebrate the individuality of each person and redefine the notion of beauty.

Selena Gomez launched her brand ‘Rare Beauty’ that handles the ‘body positive’ concept.

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Taking advantage of the success of her brand, Selena also created in that same year the ‘Rare Impact Fund’which by the end of 2022 had raised $100 million to provide psychological help to children who may be going through difficult emotional situations.

Selena has also been a inspiration for young women struggling with anxiety and depression, since she has suffered these problems in the past. In 2019 she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and she does not hesitate to share her testimony if it is to help or support someone.

Its music

Music is a powerful tool to empower women, and famous artists like Selena can play a key role in this process.

From writing songs with positive lyrics that encourage self-esteem and independence, to sharing their own personal experiences to inspire and motivate, the artists they can promote diversity, inclusion and support other women.

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By doing so, female artists not only provide a form of entertainment, but can also help change the culture and the way women see themselves and are seen in society. These are some of the artist’s songs that empower with her lyrics:

‘Hands to myself’: it’s about a woman who wants to be with a man but knows he’s not available, so she decides to keep her hands to herself.

‘Who says’: is an empowering song that encourages women to be themselves and not worry about what others think of them.

‘Me & the rhythm’: it’s about the connection you feel with music and how it can be a form of liberation.

‘Look at her now’: tells the story of a woman who gets over a breakup and becomes a stronger person.

‘Rare’: is a song about embracing and celebrating your uniqueness.

‘I lose you to love me’: talks about a painful breakup but how that experience made her stronger and allowed her to love herself.

‘Nobody’: it’s about not depending on anyone else to find happiness and be independent.

‘Survivors’: is a song about resilience and how you can overcome any adversity.


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