After having won the Martin Fierro as best panelist to Yanina Latorre, unfortunately Mariel di Lenarda He separated from his partner after having tried to rebuild the bond after a strong crisis they went through.

“They came in crisis. They had had a previous separation and those who know them were surprised to see them publicly together at the awards ceremony. Unfortunately this second round did not work out”, reported pampito in intruders this Tuesday.

The couple had experienced a strong scandal when the journalist was attacked by the LAM chronicler, Santiago Sposato, who rebuked her and told her that she was not a fair person deserving of the award. There, Gabriel Zapata tried to put the points to another chronicler of the program brito angel and the video went viral due to the moment of tension that was experienced at the exit of the Hilton Hotel.

Mariel di Lenarda at the Martin Fierro
Mariel di Lenarda at the Martin Fierro

“I’m not saying that the separation has to do with that scandal, but it was irreversible,” added the panelist. “In winter you don’t have to separate”, exclaimed the host of the cycle that Flor de la V leads on the América TV screen.

Mariel di Lenarda and Gabriel Zapata.
Mariel di Lenarda and Gabriel Zapata.

Sandra Borghi defended Mariel Di Lenarda and destroyed Santiago Sposato, the LAM movilero

Upon delivery, Santiago Sposatothe mover of THE Minterviewed the journalist from us in the morning and asked her if she felt that she had “stolen” her program partner’s award.

After that interview there was an important round trip between the protagonists that ended with Sandra Borghicompanion of Di Lenarda in us in the morningharshly criticizing married. “Take a journalism course marriedLet’s see if you learn something. Or better dedicate yourself to something else. Because you have already shown that you have nothing as a journalist, “he began by saying on social networks.

Then he added: “It’s more, I than you, I read a book on good manners to see if you learn to treat a woman like Mariel Di Lenarda #rude,” he tweeted. Borghi about married. In the last hours, in us in the morning, Borghi returned to criticize married with Di Lenarda present. “Now I’m better, when I saw her cry I felt that she wanted to go eat me raw.”

“This is what I tell you. When I saw her cry in the middle of what was a party, because she lived it as a party, because the nomination was not expected, because it was a surprise, because she is a worker, because she does journalism where they put her, because she is a soldier, because she is a person who has a career with a pick, shovel, mud, and rubble and where they put her to work, she works…”, she continued Borghi.

In the said program, Sandra He added: “Seeing her sad and crying for a skinny man who really mistreated her made me unworthy. I felt a lot of anger, I would have done it for my friend who they know is my sister, as I would do for any other colleague or fellow woman, above all, because in this case he was a misogynist, an abuser and he was a macho.”

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