Sergio Lapegue celebrated a new anniversary with Bochi, his wife, and for that reason he wrote some beautiful words. The couple that began in 1989 is one of the most stable in the world of entertainment. From their relationship they were born michael and elvistheir children.

“Today we celebrate 31 years of marriage. Of love. Of sharing. Of dreaming together. Of starting a family, with all that that implies. Of joy. Of sadness. Life itself.”

“Together. Through thick and thin. Overcoming obstacles. Laughing out loud. Crying in each other’s arms. Everything. All the good things about choosing us every day. I love you, always,” the journalist concluded on this special date.

“Happy 31st. Day by day what we choose is built. Trying to be better, being generous, understanding, patient, tolerant, “Bochi commented publicly in the tender post made by her husband. She also aroused the affection of all the followers of both who congratulated both on their relationship.

Sergio Lapegüe recalled the day he met Bochi, his wife

“To talk about our beginnings I have to go back almost 33 years: I met her on August 26, 1989, at a time when I -among many other activities- worked with Bernardo Neustadt and was about to become a public accountant. But I not only studied: I worked as a production assistant, gave talks, was the manager of a music band and also had my own band. As you can see: I always lived a little to a thousand, “he explained between laughs exclusively with magazine PEOPLE.

Sergio Lapegüe, Bochi and their children Elvis and Mica

“My cousin told me: ‘Sergito, this girl is sneaking up on us with her friends’ and, since I am a person who respects the rules, I told him: ‘Miss, please… Can’t you stand in line like all of us?’ She looked at me as if to say: “How hungry you are, skinny” and she completely ignored me: she entered the bowling alley as if nothing had happened, “said the journalist

“But I, insistent, already at dawn in that nightclub in Adrogué, I confronted her and said: ‘Excuse me, do not take it the wrong way but you slipped into the entrance today and blabla’. Now, at this point, I will clarify that I liked her and I was very amused because, after all my spiel, he answered me: ‘It seems to me that what you want is to dance with me’ and, of course, he won me over. What’s more, she shocked me even more when I tried to buy her a drink and she told me: ‘What I drink I pay for’. So, as you can see, in our relationship she always had and has the last word. Since that day we have not separated anymore “, she returned to this very happy medium.

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