Shakira (46) and Camila Cabello (26) They coincided in one of the top events of the European summer: Paris Fashion Week. On the first day, the two pop stars were in the first row (in English, the front row) of the parade of Victor & Rolfto which they were invited by the designers so that they could enjoy, first-hand, the designs that will conquer the autumn/winter 2024 season.

The singers sat together and were photographed by the paparazzi present while enjoying a pleasant conversation. Far from wanting to differentiate themselves, both posed making the same gesture.

This is how Shakira reflected the moment on her social networks.

Both the Colombian and the Cuban used looks from the firm Viktor&Rolfone of the most daring in Dutch haute couture, with disruptive and innovative designs.

Shakira and Camila Cabello together for the second time

In black and white: Camila Cabello and Shakira in the front row of the Fendi show.

After the first meeting –which caused a furor on social networks–, the artists saw each other again the next day when they attended the parade of Fendi Haute Couture Fall/Winter 202. This time, Cardi B also joined the front row.

Cardi B, Camila Cabello and Shakira commenting on the models’ clothes.
The good vibes between Camila and Shakira remained embodied for eternity.

Shakira’s striking look at Paris Fashion Week

The singer bet for an ivory white double-breasted trench coat. The design features long sleeves and a skirt below the knee. But what caught my attention the most about this design was the word “No” literally sticking out of the top.

Shakira and her total white look by the firm Viktor&Rolf.

A curiosity is that this same design was used by Jennifer López in one of her last photo sessions. Data that was discovered by Twitter users.

Shakira proud to wear the “No” design.

Camila Cabello wore a style worthy of “Merlina” at Paris Fashion Week

Camila, the singer of Bam Bamjoined the fashion for gothic looks with a short dress full of folds, layers and volumes, in which shapes and patterns take on a leading role.

Camila Cabello’s gothic look by the firm Viktor&Rolf.
Camila Cabello opted for total black on the first day of Paris Fashion Week.

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