Shakira was one of the great figures who stole the eyes at the Miami Grand Prix of Formula 1. The Colombian, resident for a few weeks in the North American city, was the protagonist in the ‘paddock’ by rubbing shoulders with great stars of show business and also of sport.

After his meeting with actor Tom Cruise became echoed, the one who truly gained significance was the moment in which he shared with the British pilot Lewis Hamilton, one of the best in history. Especially since after the greeting some images were released in which the two appeared, pilot and singer, on a yacht.

And now, to resonate even more, Mercedes, the Hamilton team, threw more fuel on the fire within an eye-catching video in social networks.

“Did we do well?” the German team wonders.

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Shakira and Hamilton, to the rhythm of ‘Whenever, Wherever’

On his TikTok account, the German team relaunched a striking video that he had uploaded some time ago.

In it, Hamilton appears walking before competing in one of his races.

The striking thing is that in the clip Shakira’s song ‘Suerte’ plays in the background. Theme that in other countries is known as ‘Whenever, Wherever’.

Thus, in the short clip, it is heard in the translated version: “We’re meant to be together”.

Mercedes, when relaunching the video just after the meeting between Hamilton and Shakira in Miami, pointed out: “Did we do it right?”

The ’emoji’ of fire that the person in charge of the account attached to the text: one more ‘candle’.

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