Shakira It was very active during the past weekend. She was awarded on Saturday and on Sunday she was one more spectator of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami, United States.

The Colombian was one of the stars in the competition that she won max verstappen, but at the same time it was the center of attraction on social networks.

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Shakira, after almost a year of separation with the ex-soccer player, Gerard Piquéwas seen talking to the actor Tom Cruise and at night he dined with the pilot Lewis Hamilton.

Complicated situation

But the truth is that his life is next to his children, milan and sasha who he has in Miami and is looking out for them.

The decision to take them away Spain to USA It was a decision that Piqué’s family does not forgive, who continue to talk about it.

Monserrat Bernabéu, Piqué’s mother, on the left.


Screenshot Tiktok, YouTube

Pique’s mom Montserrat Bernabeu, She is still very upset with that, because of the radical decision the singer made.

“We have been able to speak with those closest to Piqué’s parents, they tell us that they are perfectly fine, living together, but they affirm that they are having a very bad time, especially Montserrat, due to being far from their grandchildren. She is one of the people who has suffered the most from the separation of her son for the part that falls to her grandchildren (…). She took them to school, spent the afternoons with them, took them to extracurricular classes,” warned journalists Laura Fa and Lorena Vásquez on the Mamarazzis podcast.

The two communicators assured that although Piqué’s mother will be able to enjoy the children at the end of May, they do not forgive the Barranquillera for that.

What they say

“We get tired of explaining that one of the things that Shakira does not forgive her mother-in-law is that at such a hard time, where she cried in the corners, where she considered her an accomplice, her in-laws gave Piqué one of the houses so that he hid with Clara Chía”, say the communicators.

And they affirm: “Shakira does not forgive him that at the worst moment he was an accomplice of his son. We perfectly understand her mother, but it is also true that this game of hypocrisy bothered Shakira because of what she was so vulnerable ”.
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