Shakira he gave the pilot ‘good luck’ again Lewis Hamilton, who finished on the podium of the British Grand Prix on Sunday, after the visit of the international singer.

The Colombian was well accompanied in the team paddock Mercedes, with an outfit that aroused the eyes of all and all.
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compliments galore

Shakira traveled to London and was in the competition of the Formula 1in which Hamilton returned to the top of the standings.

Various media claim that the Barranquillera and the British have a loving relationship, but neither has confirmed it.

“The fans, their support once again, has been sensational; and it improves every year. Once again, the atmosphere in Silverstone It’s been incredible,” Hamilton said, without referring to Shakira’s endorsement.

What is being talked about is the Colombian look. The media and social networks see her in the best light and she has received support.

“She seemed determined to sweep because she has chosen a futuristic look with sunglasses, a bag from the future, black leather pants and a jean bustier that made her fall on her butt to the ground. Small as she is, the Colombian walked through the paddock with a firm step towards stardom,” she wrote. The National of Catalonia.

The comparison

And he added: “It was his way of sinking Clara Chia, who in her simplicity, walked around Barcelona in black sneakers and a very youthful miniskirt, pretty, but light years away from the devastating look of Shakira, who had herself photographed by an image artist, Nicolas Gerardin: This duel between the two women of Gerard Piqué it is shamelessly won by Shakira, who runs in a Formula 1”.

“Shakira, who is on her way to turning 50, a mother of a family, prefers to look like a MILF with a great look that must cost more money than the car that Clara Chía drives. That explains why Piqué preferred one to the other. The Twingo may be better than the Ferrari, or Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes. It is utilitarian and does not let you down”, wrote the Catalan newspaper.
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