Shakira and Gerard Piqué continue in controversy. The singer from Barranquilla and the former Catalan player, who announced their separation more than a year ago, do not stop filling headlines in the tabloids because of the details surrounding their relationship, after the well-known breakup.

In the last few hours, the revealing interview that Shakira gave to ‘People’ magazine made headlines. The Colombian singer was sincere and commented that she found out about Piqué’s alleged betrayal while she was in an Intensive Care Unit, accompanying her father.

And although the majority of reactions were in support of the singer, harsh criticism in Spain surprised.

“Shakira seems the only woman who has separated, this is not pain”said Susanna Griso, one of the most famous presenters in Spain. And her statements have caused intense controversy among Shakira’s fans.

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“It really tires me”: controversy over harsh criticism of Shakira


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“Everything came together, my home was falling apart. I found out from the press that she had been betrayed while my dad was in the ICU. I thought she wouldn’t survive that long. The man I have loved the most in my life, my father, left me when I needed him the most.but I couldn’t talk to him or receive the advice from my best friend that I would have needed so much”, was what Shakira said in her recent interview with the Spanish edition of ‘People’ magazine.

And although the singer has received a lot of support, Susanna Griso’s criticism has taken all eyes.

“Forgive me, but (Shakira) seems the only woman who has separated”said Griso in his last program on Spanish television.

Then, deepening his criticism, he said: “This is not pain… there are things more painful than a separation.”

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At the end of his speech he gave a statement that has further opened the controversy.

“In this case, she is partly to blame for making it so public…”, he said.

“It really tires me”he concluded.

Since the broadcast of the presenter’s opinion, Shakira’s fan groups have been filled with intense debates.

The majority position is that the criticism is harsh and, according to some, “ruthless”.

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