Once again, the Colombian singer Shakira shook the world of music by launching her new work, Copa Vacía, together with her compatriot Manuel Turizo.

And in it, as has become customary in his most recent songs, there are many hints towards his ex-partner, the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué.

With 23 million views as of this Wednesday morning, Copa Vacía is number one in music trends on YouTube, and joins the series of songs that the Barranquillera singer has released since their separation, all of which have become world hits: Monotony, Music Sessions #53, TQG and Acrostic.

In her most recent success, Shakira would have launched, according to the El Nacional de Catalunya portal, strong questions to Piqué about his performance in bed.

“Some may think that we are exaggerating, that this new topic does not speak of the former soccer player, or of Clara Chía, or of anything in particular. But if experience has taught us anything, it’s that Shakira doesn’t sing in the abstract. She does it from memory, intestines… and in this case, from other well-located areas, ”says the El Nacional version.

Shakira’s hidden messages to Piqué in ‘Empty Cup’

The video clip of the song would also have hidden messages towards his ex-partner. “Shakira transforms into a mermaid wallowing in rubbish surrounded by rats. Even hanging like a cod in the sun. She transmits absolute dissatisfaction, she is very thirsty. She wants to fill the glass, which she has not been able to do for a long time, ”says the medium.

If the video clip is suggestive, the lyrics of the song would also be forceful on the subject. “You do not want when I want, you are colder than the month of January. I ask for heat and you only give ice”, says one of the sentences.

“Put down the phone, use your hands with me, I know you’re hot but I’m much hotter” and “You’re always busy with so much business, my love, a little leisure would do you good”, would be, according to El Nacional, two other phrases that highlight the events that led to the breakup of the couple.


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