Shakira and Gerard Piqué continue in the ‘push and pull’ of their separation. According to the latest information that has been known, the former Barcelona player and the singer from Barranquilla remain locked in various debates despite having already reached an agreement on the management they would give to the future of their children.

As it has been known, starting next week Piqué will be able to have his children much longer than expected. Sasha and Milan’s vacations, which would start this coming June 2, would make up the ideal period for the former Barcelona defender to share more time with them.

And although everything indicates that Piqué should be happy for the advantage in this situation, ‘Informalia’ reveals that the former soccer player is upset. And with that spirit he made a decision against Shakira after the appearance of her children in the video clip of “Acrostic”, the artist’s latest song.

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Piqué, annoyed, makes a decision due to the appearance of his children in Shakira’s ‘Acrostic’

The triad Piqué, Clara Chía and Shakira.


Gerard Piqué’s Instagram, Shakira’s YouTube

According to ‘Informalia’, sources close to the ex-soccer player assure that he was very angry when he saw his two sons appear in Shakira’s latest song.

According to the media, “came to the conclusion that the children fear their mother and that Shakira has her children under a great influencewhere he does not transmit respect to his father”.

In the last few hours, points out the aforementioned portal, Piqué, still upset, made the final decision on the idea of ​​suing Shakira for what happened.

And although his interest would have been to expose his anger, Piqué chose not to sue Shakira. This, according to ‘Informalia’, “so as not to mix the children again in another judicial entanglement”.

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