The journalist Edgar García Ochoa was one of the first people to believe in Shakira’s talent when she was a child, because he met her when he was 10 years old through his father William Mebarak. In addition, he was in charge of taking her to her first presentations, with which she became known to the world.

Now, Edgar García Ochoa, known as ‘Flash’decided to write his memories with the singer in the book ‘Shakira and my memories’, the authorized biography that will go on sale next May.

Recently, García conducted an interview with “La República” and revealed that her work will tell unknown details of the singer’s childhood, her social works and the construction of a monument in her honor in her hometown of Barranquilla.

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The journalist said that William Mebarak read his biography and approved it. He also revealed that he met her when she was 10 years old and that from that age she already danced Arabic music and sang songs of her own. He said that Shakira is a very grateful woman and that despite the years, she continues to keep him in mind, because she was one of the first people who saw the potential that she had in her.

He also revealed that he plans to make a monument in honor of the singer that is financed by him, his influential friends and his readers. He hopes that this can be built with the weapons that the criminals hand over and those that the guerrillas confiscate so that they can be melted down and with that material make a peace monument with her image.

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In this interview, Edgar García was asked why the singer chose to live in the United States and not in the country. He believes that this is because she possibly resents Colombia, for how they treated her.

García even told the outlet ‘Las 2 orillas’ that the singer told the French magazine Paris Match that “I don’t like Barranquilla’s society because they didn’t help my parents and now they’re after them.” Some very harsh words that show the resentment she holds for those who one day despised her.

For now, The interpreter of ‘Monotonía’ has not confirmed this informationbut the journalist thinks that it may be one of the reasons why he does not want to live in the country.


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