The Colombian singer Shakira definitely left behind her 12-year coexistence with the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué and now he seems to have a new relationship. The indications of his closeness with the British Lewis Hamilton, a Mercedes driver in F1, are growing.

In fact, a Spanish publication assures that, during his stay at the Spanish Grand Prix, there was a lot of closeness between Shakira and Hamilton and that they even kissed.

This Sunday, Shakira was, once again, in the paddock of the Mercedes team during the British Grand Prix, in which Hamilton finished on the podium, in third place, behind the Dutchman Max Verstappen (RedBull) and the British Lando Norris (McLaren).

Shakira, openly, was seeing Hamilton in Silverstone

This time, Shakira was in charge of making her presence in the race public. Before that, she had posted a video on her way to Silverstone, with her latest work, Empty Cup, as background music.

The official transmission of F1 showed the Barranquillera in the Mercedes paddock, with dark glasses,
but he was not there when Hamilton took the podium to receive the trophy for his third place.

Shakira and her professional reason for going to London

However, that would not be the main reason for Shakira’s trip to London. The singer herself published an image of her on her social networks in which she revealed the reason for her visit. The Colombian put a photo on her Twitter account with the British musician and producer Dave Stewart, known, among other things, for his work with the band Eurythmics.

In London working with @dstewartmusic on what could be my next single, Shakira wrote on Twitter.

Will there be, as in your most recent works, any reference or hint to Gerard Piqué? Time will tell.


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