Shakira continues to be in the news due to her separation from the former Catalan player Gerard Piqué. The singer from Barranquilla, in plan to restart her life after all the noise that has been generated around her sentimental life, seems to be finalizing the details to live on Fisher Island, an exclusive private island.

While waiting for their passage to the paradisiacal zone to take place, Shakira and her two children remain in the house that she bought more than a decade ago in Miami, in the North Bay Road Drive neighborhood, which is actually a mansion of 750 square meters.

And, according to the Catalan newspaper ‘El Nacional’, the surprise is great, because, the leading media outlet in its region assures, “Shakira is not living alone with her children in Miami”.

A ‘blow’ to Piqué, taking into account the recent past.

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Shakira’s revenge

The Barranquillera not only lives on music.

So far, as reported by the entertainment media, everything indicates that Shakira’s parents had to leave Barcelona in the midst of the delicate health situation of the singer’s father. However, the most imbued ‘paparazzi’ have assured that In the departure of Shakira’s parents, the eviction letter that Piqué supposedly would have sent played a vital role.

In fact, with this scenario in the background, the former Barcelona Football Club player arrived in Miami in recent days to spend several days with his children. And although some assured that the time would be limited, the reality is that the former defender has been able to share without problems with the minors.

What has echoed in the midst of this situation has been what the singer’s followers classify as “Shakira’s revenge”.

This, because according to ‘El Nacional’,“The parents of the Colombian, William Mebarak and Nidia Ripoll will also be with them (Shakira and her children)”. Something that Piqué would have wanted not to happen, as read in the press report.

So far, no spokesperson from Shakira’s environment has confirmed the information.

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