“I did not receive credit for my song,” says Pedro Tovar, composer and member of the group Eslabón Armadowho is upset and agitated, because despite the fact that he composed the hit “Ella baila sola”, interpreted by the singer of corridos lying down Featherweight, an outsider who has not received the merit he deserves for being the creator of the song that was remains in the top spots on Spotify.

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Through a video, the young man expressed his feelings, and regretted that Featherweight did not mention him in his recent appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’with Jimmy Fallon, but he assured that one day he will arrive “there alone”, because he said that he will continue working to go far.

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, better known as Featherweight, is 23 years old and is currently among the most listened to artists worldwide on Spotify with the songs “Ella baila sola” with Eslabón Armado and “La bebé (remix)” with Yng Lvcas.

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At the top of Spotify in Mexico it also has the songs ‘El azul’ with Junior H, ‘PRC’ with Natanael Cano and ‘AMG’ with Cano and Gabito Ballesteros, as well as ‘Ella baila sola’ and the remix of ‘La bebé’ . Featherweight is the first Mexican artist to reach the top five spots on Spotify Global. He has also charted songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 and Global 200 charts.

Through a video that he shared on his networks, Pedro Tovar said that he felt bad because Featherweight has not given him the credit that he deserves for composing the hit “Ella baila sola”an issue that has him agitated, as he assured that although he has tried to talk to him, he has been denied and does not understand what is happening.

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He recalled that Featherweight hardly promoted the topic on his networks or when the official video came out three weeks ago, things he did.

“The song ‘Ella baila sola’, so everyone knows, I wrote it, I’m not saying no, Featherweight uploaded it machine, I say it like it is, but I wrote that song and I had to do a lot of fakes for that rola, you don’t know how much effort it took me to write that song,” he said.

Although Tovar acknowledges Featherweight’s talent, he confessed that he would have liked to have been on Jimmy Fallony’s show and sang a song.

“My respects to the Featherweight compa, but it is what agitates me, that for these things they do not invite me, I would like to shine that song more, I would like to be there with Jimmy Fallon, with Featherweight, not at that level as he is , but having been able to sing that song there, I got a little agitated, I’m not lying, “he said in his live video, in which he received the support of his fans.

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For Pedro Tovar, the song is a success on its own, because of the song, regardless of the performers.

“Without Link, without Featherweight, it is simply the role, it must be said the net; He interpreted it well, I sang it in my style, ”he expressed, and specified that he has not been able to bleat with Featherweight, so he decided to make that video that made him feel better.

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“I tried to talk to Featherweight, I don’t know if he has a difference with me, I don’t know what I did to him, but I had to get this out, I feel more relaxed, because people talk and talk and are mitotera,” he lamented.


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