Since Mary Donaldson She came into our lives after her relationship with the heir to the Danish throne, the Australian has managed to make us fall in love and position herself as one of the most beloved members of this royal family. Her way of being has been key in this process, but we can’t leave behind her inspiring outfits either. She is considered one of the ‘royals’ with the best taste in fashion. elegance is the adjective What best defines your style?, and most of her ‘looks’, from the most sophisticated to the most ‘casual’, are impeccable. A clear example of this has been shown to us this afternoon, in a visit with the Minister of Vanuatu with whom he has met to discuss Climate Change on Pele Island. For this occasion, he has opted for a bohemian-inspired formula with simple garments, but without giving up elegance.

Mary from Denmark with boho skirt and flat sandal

For this occasion The ‘royal’ has chosen a set of skirt and blouse with flat sandals. A simple but impeccable combination that we have fallen in love It is a white shirt with a masculine style, a basic garment that has been combined with a long skirt with a boho air. A fluid piece with a floral print in burgundy tones. To this formula, Mary has added ideal accessories such as a small brown bag from the firm ‘Chloe’, the ‘Marcie’ model in particular. Some glasses that she has worn on her head, holding her loose hair and flat sandals with a strap detail on her toe. Another of the points that most attracts the attention of her styling are large blue bead earrings. In short, this choice of ‘look’ is an ideal formula of which we have already taken note to recreate on spring days when we look for that bohemian and sophisticated touch.

mary from denmark in long boho skirt