Ana Milán has managed to conquer hundreds of people thanks to her talent in the entertainment industry, be it on television, on the set, and even through social networks. During the pandemic, the Spanish actress achieved a lot of fame thanks to the live shows she did on Instagram. Her humor and her naturalness are key to understanding the success of Milan with her followers. But Ana, not only has she managed to conquer so many of her because of her talent and way of being, but thanks to her style and her way of dressing, she has stood out in the world of fashion.

Milan has known how to take advantage of the networks to share its style and connect with its followers in a closer way. Ana’s Instagram profile has been shared in an oasis of inspiration to go to in search of daily ‘looks’. What really distinguishes Ana Milán is her naturalness and how that is reflected in her personal style. Milan always chooses to be practical and simple without giving up daring with certain garments and accessories that provide an original touch. This ability to look spectacular with simple but well selected ‘outfits’ is one of the aspects that has made her followers and fashion experts fall in love with her.

Ana Milán and her summer basic styling

The actress has shared on her Instagram account some photographs walking through Madrid on her way to celebrate Pride 2023, as established in the text that accompanies the photos. In these images we can see her wearing an ideal outfit made up of summer basics that we want, of course, to become our summer 2023 uniform. It is a ‘look’ made up of a long navy blue shirt dress combined with sandals flat, Roman type and ropes. She closes the ‘outfit’ with the favorite bag of those who know more about fashion, the carrycot. In this case, she is from the firm Prada.

The rest of the ‘look’, a low ponytail as a hairstyle, large sunglasses and the best attitude to enjoy Pride, as indicated in the text that accompanies the photographs: ”Today it’s time to go to pride. Because existing as you are should not be subject to any kind of debate. Because respect for those who don’t think like you (without hurting) is key to one’s own happiness and that of society. Because from hate nothing has ever been achieved, except the shame of those who violated it. #pride”, Writes Ana Milan.

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