The world of journalism is in mourning after the death of John Paul Romero (45), renowned journalist and producer who Lately he was fighting cancer that weakened him to the maximum. He had two children and was married.

Since he had to face this picture, He recounted practically minute by minute what was happening to him. Through his Twitter account, he told how he felt, what the impairments he had were like, the studies he carried out and the various hospitalizations he suffered.

He last message that was registered on that social network dates from May 17, the day on which he wrote: “Wednesday 9 AM. The thing is so. I entered the guard yesterday morning because the facial paralysis had spread and when I couldn’t feel my lip while watching TV I bit it and I was like a boxer with my lip all swollen and clots everywhere.”

“That is why I came to the guard and they did an MRI on my head and various tests. The analyzes were terrible, which was normal after the rays, but in my case my defenses are very, very low and I have almost no platelets or blood cells. Faced with this scenario, I cannot even catch a cold because there is a high risk of not getting pneumonia, another COVID or a large flu picture. So they prefer to have me in here and not be so exposed at home. A lot of patience, things are not going well, my frame is not ideal and I pray to get ahead. I continue to put everything so that it is so, ”she said.

Where Juan Pablo Romero worked

His last work experiences were registered in América TV and A24, a company in which he integrated from the production team cycles as in the afternoon, with Karina Mazzocco; Fantino in the Afternoon, with Alexander Fantino; Stray animals; I live on Sunday with Eduardo Battaglia and For your information, with Ed Zunino.

Throughout his career, he worked at Radio 10, TN, Infobae and Radio Belgrano, where he produced Viviana Canosa.

The messages of pain from celebrities for the death of Juan Pablo Romero

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