The participation of Silvia Kutika (64) in ATAV 2 at the hands of La Polaca comes to give life to a new stage of the character that China Suárez was able to interpret (31) in the first season of Argentina, land of love and revenge.

“La Polaca comes a bit, I don’t know if she enjoys it, but she does enjoy seeing this character in her last scenes,” said the actress in an interview she gave to Dead Moskite in La Once Diez when he entered the world of the novel and when he spoke particularly about Samuel Trauman, the character he was able to interpret Fernan Miras and who is currently carrying out Gustavo Belatti.

China Suárez characterized as La Polaca in the first season of ATAV 2.

When it came to telling how she composed her role and what she took from China, Silvia said that she saw “some scenes and the subject of the accent. Then the truth I think I let it flow as the scenes went by and I was meeting the characters who were relating to China. It was an adventure of letting go because, obviously, a lot of years have passed in the life of La Polaca”.

“One also imprints things on him that he supposes, thinks or intuits that a character can modify over the years”added the actress about her own imprint that she gave her.

Silvia Kutika said what she expects from the opinion of China Suárez

“I hope you are happy, that you like it,” he confessed. “She was very righteous, she stood up for people who were in trouble and she still is, it’s wonderful!”

Silvia Kutika as La Polaca in ATAV 2.

The definition of Silvia Kutika

He is a very heroic character who has everything to win. Who would not want to have that position in life? We all try to go for the defense of great love, family and justice.

When asked if La Polaca will have a love story, she replied: “I’ll leave it there with an ellipsis, but I don’t think so. La Polaca has already had that great love”.

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