The model and actress Silvina Luna gave an exclusive interview this Tuesday to THE M, to talk about how he is in health today. Luna, who was very distressed by the situation she is going through, confessed to the channelr Angel de Brito and explained that he still cannot have the kidney transplant he needs to live because he has had a bacterium in his blood for a year, while he is undergoing dialysis and treatment.

“I was hospitalized for a month and suddenly they told me that in many studies they did I found that both kidneys were calcified and that they had to go on dialysis. At first the situation fought a bit, it was very sad, then it’s like one he gets used to it” explained.

“You get used to seeing people and friends and you feel like you’re in it. There are moments of acceptance and others when I wake up and feel like I’m living in a nightmare. But hey, I’m living on my feet and I’ve always been a person who He knows how to move on and now I feel the same, even though I have relapses” the actress was honest.

Silvina Luna assured that aesthetic pressure led her to undergo surgery that “changed everything forever”

A treatment with methacrylate by Hannibal Lotocki took her to the model Silvina Luna suffering from chronic kidney failure and having to face a kidney transplant. A fact that put her life in perspective and challenged her to find the best version of herself.

“SI always had problems with my self-esteem. Those who know me know how much I paid for that weak spot. I made a decision when I underwent cosmetic surgery that I did not need, because I wanted to look better, sexier, more in line with the beauty stereotype that was imposed in the media.”. That’s how he tells it Silvina Luna (42) in his book simple and conscious (Penguin). And she paid for it with his health.

Twelve years ago, the “celebrity” surgeon Hannibal Lotocki – convicted of malpractice in this case – injected a controversial filler called methacrylate into his legs and buttocks. From that moment on, the semifinalist of Big Brother In 2001, she suffered from chronic renal failure that forced her to have to undergo daily dialysis and go through periodic hospitalizations.

Moon I was 30 years old. The malpractice led to hypercalcemia (a disease in which the level of calcium in the blood is above normal) and kidney failure. A chronic picture that, since then, has required weekly studies and plunged her into a personal investigation in search of a solution.

Every once in a while I need to go to the hospital, my calcium levels go up and my kidneys don’t work well. I require more corticosteroids, a medicine that I have been taking chronically for 8 years. And today I am looking for other drugs that can replace it.”he would explain during one of his hospitalizations.

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