In the last few hours, the new medical part of Silvina Luna (43) with an encouraging prognosis for the actress who has been hospitalized for 20 days.

According to the statement released by Fernando Burlando the ex Big Brother “He required mechanical ventilatory assistance on Saturday, July 1, due to his generalized muscle weakness.”

However, in the last hours Silvina presented a slight improvement and “no complications were found in the latest studies carried out”. “Currently, she continues with mechanical ventilation, she is awake and with stable vital signs”details the letter.

“She will remain hospitalized in the intensive therapy service, where additional studies will be carried out and the necessary treatments will be provided”concludes the medical part signed by the representatives of the Italian Hospital.

Silvina Luna is still in intensive care but with stable vital signs

In turn, both the relatives and friends of the model called for the solidarity of the viewers to donate blood to the blood bank of the Italian Hospital, to not only supply Silvina Luna but to replenish different types of blood that are necessary for the patients who They are admitted to the medical institution.

Medical report released by Fernando Burlando on his social networks.

At the end of the post made by Fernando Burlando, he himself added a message together with Silvina Luna’s family: “To the last medical report released, the relatives and close affections of Silvina Luna, we simply want to add that fight with all her strength sustained by our love, that of all of you (with its permanent recovery messages) and the impeccable work of the medical staff and health personnel of the Italian Hospital, for those who cannot reach our words of gratitude”.

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