Last weekend the festivities of the 15th of Taino Gravier and Uma Fabbiani, the most commented so far this year. In this sense, we review what the two mega parties were, held in Acassuso and Benavídez respectively, to point out similarities and differences.

Yes ok both teenagers decided to celebrate their special birthday with the traditional quinceañera partyinstead of making a trip abroad -as has become fashionable in recent years-, and they were accompanied by their family and friends, there were some details that made the difference.

The looks of Taína Gravier and Uma Fabbiani

Among the first similarities found at the 15th birthday party for the daughters of Valeria Mazza and Amalia Granata, we can mention that both teenagers had more than one outfit change on their dream night. Although, with some small differences.

Although um Fabbiani featured more changes (3), made by family friend designer Facundo Wendlerthe two looks that he wore taino Gravier They were the creation of two designers: Benito Fernandez and Cynthia Kern -in charge of the Kosiuko brand-.

The sketches of Uma Fabbiani’s pre-waltz and post-party dress, created by designer Facundo Wendler. (Photo: IG Facundo Wendler).

In addition to the different designs, we can point out the different outfits that the most commented quinceañeras of the last days opted for. On this line, a Taíno was seen with a more relaxed style: is that, at the end of the party, she wore a second outfit made exclusively for her by Cynthia Kern and that he took with a fluffy hat and Texan boots in silver.

The second design that Taína Gravier wore, a crystal-embroidered low-waist top and pants, signed by Cynthia Kern.

Meanwhile, Uma was more traditional and in her three changes she was seen with three very flirtatious dresses, in which there were cuts and transparencies. However, a similarity that we can make in the main dresses of the honorees was the color and the length, since both opted for white tones and agreed that it is long.

Taína with the designer Benito Fernández, responsible for the first dress she wore on her big night.
Uma, the daughter of Amalia Granata, together with Facundo Wendler, the architect behind the 3 changes he had.

Deco, guests and the chocotorta as a choice

On the other hand, the planning and organization of those parties of 15 is another of the points where we make a special focus. Although both had more than a hundred guests140 in the Uma festival and 200 in the Taína festival, the venues where they were held were very different elections.

The Gravier-Mazza family organized the birthday party for the youngest of the clan in La Barranca, the house they have in Acassusowhile Amalia garnet held the party he planned for half a year in a exclusive Benavidez room.

Thus, the party that the daughter of the Santa Fe deputy dreamed of since she was seven years old was decorated with white flowers and surrounded by led screens, while that of Taína was set under the slogan of recreating an enchanted forest. What both parties had in common was the display of comfortable living rooms spread out in the garden.

Likewise, both agreed that the birthday cake is the Argentine classic: the chocotorta. In the case of the daughter of Valeria Mazzathe magnitude of its size was impressive: it was a XXL chocolate cake, her favourite. However, both covered only with dulce de leche differed from the traditional two or three story cakes covered with fondant.

Taína Gravier’s XXL chocotora at her 15th party.

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