On a red carpet where glam and sophistication came hand in hand with total black looks, there were certain flashes of color, such as those provided by pampita and Sun perezthe ladies in pink, who attended the Martin iron 2023 with wide dresses.

In addition to wearing the color of the year, both Argentine television figures captured the attention of all those who gathered at the Hilton Hotel in Puerto Madero due to the great similarity of their looks. In that sense, PEOPLE analyzes the similarities and differences of the barbiecore style with which the Showmatch jury and the Telefe panelist agreed.

Just arrived from Thailand, after a 30 hour flight, Carolina Pampita Ardohain She disembarked directly at the Hilton where her entire team was waiting for her to begin preparing her for the great night of Argentine television.

The Telefe journalist did the same, shortlisted for best panelist for GH: The Debatewho arrived early at the hotel that hosted the MF2023 and gave herself completely to her make-up artist, Alan Elizaldeand her stylist, Camilo Duranm.

The similarities and differences of the barbiecore styles of Pampita and Sol Pérez

Although they agreed on the choice of color for the design, and had similar lines, the truth is that the composition and all the pre-production of the assembly that each of the looks demanded had noticeable differences.

While pampita dressed a model from the renowned fashion house Carolina herrera, Sun perez stood out with a 100% Argentine design of Veronica of the Channelthe designer who is recognized for her baroque creations.

Pampita and the dress from the latest Carolina Herrera collection. It was sent by the Venezuelan designer from Madrid.

According to his historic hairdresser, Zacarias Guedesthe model, who was competing for the Martín Fierro for best female driving, received some other options from the renowned fashion house but she chose the pink dress: “She really liked the color pink and wanted to wear something in that tone.“.

For their part, as confirmed by De la Canal’s team, It was the designer herself who recommended the panelist for GH: The Debate get on the barbiecore trend. And Pérez gladly accepted the designer’s proposal –to whom she also entrusted the creation of her future wedding dress.

After a series of dress tests, Sol wore the three-piece set in “powdered pink” color very elegant, worked especially on her figure. True to the style of its creator, the design had a corseta column skirt and one four meter mega queue –approximately–, through the envelope embroidered skirt in beads and crystals with the phrase: ‘FASHION SAVE THE QUEEN’, Vero de la Canal’s favorite phrase.

Sol Pérez wore a total look by Verónica de la Canal. “A very MET Gala design,” said the Argentine designer.

Unlike his expanelista in pampita online, Ardohain did not have a single wardrobe fitting. “She fit her perfectly. They didn’t have to make any changes to her,” said Guedes, highlighting how well the model wore the dress for the Pre Fall 2023 collection by Carolina Herrera: a strapless design with a tube silhouette and a long tail.

In addition, Another point of difference between the two applicants to receive a Martín Fierro that night was the hairstyle. While Pérez chose to pick it up and make an elaborate look, The model and host opted for one of her classic “Pampita hairstyles”.

The sacrifice that Pampita made to look splendid in her Carolina Herrera dress

In a recent interview with Para Ti, Carolina admitted that with the pain of her soul she cut her hair to better show off the style designed by Mechi Ugarte: “I cut my hair. So I like long hair, but I didn’t imagine the whole look with long hair. so i made a sacrifice“.

While, Zacarias Guedesthe architect behind the freshness that Carolina usually marks with each of her looks, revealed that her muse He agrees to cut his hair for each Martín Fierro or some very important gala.

We felt that with the dress it was cooler to wear your hair loose and relaxed, leaving aside the waves“, argued the renowned celebrity hairstylist as Tini Stoessel either Valentina Zenere, who also said that Pampita confessed to him that nothing had changed in the final look that his team achieved. “She loved it and she felt beautiful“Guedes assured, after being consulted about what the future Showmatch jury said after seeing herself ready.

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