two Englishmen, Declan Rice and Jude Bellingham, At the moment they head the list of galactic signings in the summer pass market in Europe. That promises to be the most spectacular in history, by number of transfers and by volume of money. Rice will only have to travel 17 minutes between Stratford and Holloway, two London neighborhoods. Arsenal pay West Ham 117 million pounds (plus 5 in variables) for the 24-year-old midfielder to make the move and put on his shirt.

It is the most expensive pass so far. Is Rice a phenomenon…? No, he’s a good 8, with a round trip, criteria for distribution, with a safe pass, a specialist in stealing balls, he stands out for character and leadership, he was the captain of West Ham. There is no fantasy in him, yes ponderable aptitude for combat, as in all English footballers. You no longer need to be Maradona or Messi, today every good player can cost a hundred million.

Bellingham, Gundogan, and Rice.

bellingham, 19 years old, went from Borussia Dortmund to Real Madrid for 103 + 31 million. The 31 are for objectives. Example: if they win the league, 5 million more, if they win the Champions League 10 more, if they score equis goals, another 5 million, when they complete 100 games, one more bonus. Clauses that the seller puts in order to obtain additional profit and that the buyer accepts, because if the player achieves such achievements it will be worth paying. Jude is a midfielder who stood out in the World Cup in Qatar, a skilful, fast and intelligent midfielder who breaks lines, precisely the most coveted thing in football in its entire existence: the daring one, the one who has one on one, that is, forward dribbling , or the creative that with a pass generates the goal situation.


In a football where the defensive systems show so much evolution and in which the eleven defend, the one who manages to break a defense is a precious stone. Good example is Luis Diaz. He went from Porto to Liverpool for €47 million, excelled there and is now quoted at €75 despite having spent six months in the infirmary due to a knee injury. I fight faces and passes, and that pays well.

Luis Díaz celebrates his goal against Germany


Alexander Matias. Kronos Agency

The modesty imposed by the pandemic is definitely behind us, now everyone goes shopping. The vast majority of European clubs have high economic power. A lot of money is generated from the box office (Inter raised 12 million euros in its home match against Milan in the Champions League semifinals), from sponsorships, marketing, social contributions for those who are civil societies, and from prizes in competitions. UEFA pays 15.64 million just for participating in the Champions League, plus €2.8 million for each victory in addition to the rewards for advancing in the phase, plus the coefficient, plus the television ratio. Arsenal amortizes the signing of Rice only with what he receives for having entered the Champions League. And the clubs that do not belong to their members have large companies or ultra-millionaires behind them, as happens with almost all English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish.

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If there were more cracks available, more transfers would take place. There is a supergoleador to contract –Erling Haaland, but City does not release him, and doubles his salary if necessary in order to retain him. For this reason, renovations have become the highest point of sports management. Mbappé’s is a witness case. He is the most coveted pearl that can be achieved, three Declan Rice together. Kylian has one year left on his contract with Paris Saint Germain, until June 30, 2024, and another year, optional in his favor. He has not said “I want to go”.

He simply stated that he would not take the option for 2024-2025. This triggered an earthquake in Paris and in Qatar because then PSG has two paths left: either use it for another year and then the scorer is free or go out and sell it right now and get back the €180 million they paid for it to Monaco in June 2017. Or even more, because Kiki valued herself. Madrid would gladly pay 220. And Liverpool, it is rumored, would make a heart-stopping offer of 300.

Gundogan, new Barcelona player.


Twitter of the FC Barcelona

Despite winning the treble (League, Cup and Champions) and despite paying him a huge salary, City lost their captain Ilkay Gundogan, who did not agree to renew and went to Barcelona. Because he leaves with his letter-pass. This allows you to negotiate a better contract and also access the new star of transfers: the transfer bonus. Since Barça does not have to pay City anything, it gives the player an additional reward so that he decides for the Catalan club. In this case he would be around 30 million euros. And now those who renew and continue in their same club are also asking for a transfer bonus. Mbappé claimed it by extending his relationship with PSG.

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Soccer is inflated and at a level of popularity never seen before. There are more tournaments and the ones that were already there are getting larger, TV broadcasts even the First “D” matches, companies are turning to the activity and the exponential growth of women’s soccer has doubled its clientele. Just a photo of the stands is enough, there are almost as many women as men. So there are hundreds of millions of other consumers. Soccer gives visibility and prestige. Roman Abramovich was a Forbes-list tycoon, but not even his aunt knew of his existence until he bought Chelsea, which became his favorite toy. In his box he received kings, presidents, leaders, businessmen, celebrities, and in his office they sat down to pull the contract Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard, Carlo Ancelotti… It was also a fat business for him: he acquired it for 162 million dollars and sold it for 5,312.

Price inflation is due to various factors. The wealth of the clubs or their owners, the phenomenon of television and sponsorships, marketing and also the fact that there are many new markets eager for cracks. The last ones, Saudi Arabia and the North American MLS. Cristiano Ronaldo was the pioneer in reaching the Saudi kingdom, earning 200 million euros a year, now they follow him in droves because the emoluments they offer are stratospheric. Karim Benzema (36 years old in December) signed for 3 seasons with Al Ittihad of Saudi Arabia. Between salary and commercial agreements, he will receive 196 million euros a year, 588 million euros in total. How could a footballer, artist or professional whatever reject such a proposal…?

There are also new players at the table: Newcastle is one of them. October 7, 2021 is a historic date for the black and white club. Thousands of fans gathered at the headquarters and sang as if they had won a title. That day, the purchase of the team by the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, the richest man in the world, was made official. The proposal is to take it to the top. First he saved him from relegation, now he qualified for the Champions League. The new Newcastle wants the Big Six (Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City) to become a core of seven big. He will no longer fight to save the category, that’s for sure.

What are needed are stars. That’s why the United States league was thrown from a skyscraper by Lionel Messi. Being the best player in history, despite his 36 years, he had to come up with financial engineering. Messi will formally receive a salary of 50 million euros per year, but he will be a partner of Adidas in the sale of shirts, he will take a percentage of the television of the matches and will be able to agree to buy an American club at the end of his career.

The question is how much would it cost today, at 22, the same Messi, Maradona or Pele…

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