Sofia Elliot and Valentina Godfred announced in mid-February that he had been born Milo, your son. However, the arrival of the baby was much earlier than expected and he had to be admitted to the hospital where he was born.

As reported by the actresses on more than one occasion, the little Milo He was admitted to the neonatology intensive care unit with two main objectives: to gain some weight and that his growth allows his little lungs to finish maturing so that he can breathe on his own.

Now, a couple of months after birth, the little one has evolved a lot, but not enough to move home with their mothers. However, there is a great reality and that is that in the last few hours he managed to take the breast, something that he had not been able to achieve until now because he did not have enough strength to do so.

The baby was able to take the breast

NEW ACHIEVEMENT: I ​​WAS ABLE TO TAKE TETA PEOPLE. Now I also managed to suck, thanks to my mom’s effort to express milk for 2 months every 3 hours, and my bull’s STRENGTH to mature without stopping“the two actresses wrote on social networks to report the good news of Milo.

Later, in a post by instagram Showing the little baby nursing for the first time, they went on to write: “Now I have a lot of breast milk to continue growing strong as I have been doing. I DRINK TETA… 2 months of spaceship and now I DRINK“.

Finally, the super excited actresses thanked the expressions of love and good wishes that the family they formed a few years ago is receiving and that is getting closer to returning home. “Thank you for the love and good vibes that come, because I keep fighting, growing and giving my all.“, they closed.

milo was premature

Milo, love of your moms, you came to turn our world upside down much sooner than expected. You arrived full of love and marking your times “was part of the message that the actresses published before the happy news.

They also told their networks that the little boy was born prematurely and, for this reason, he had to stay in neonatology for a while. As a result of this, both Sofiawho was the surrogate, as valentineThey gave details of what is happening in the hospital. Showing themselves on social networks, they told: “It was not how we expected, but life is like that. Fears, doubts, uncertainty and pain, a lot of pain”.

Today Sofi was discharged and we returned home after 15 days. Sofi Leona, incredible, you banked and you are bankrolling everything that is happening with a unique integrity, you are enormous, I admire you more every day. Milo, you are the most incredible and most beautiful little bull in the world, I kept fighting for her my love” kept writing valentine in the post, where both were seen in the hospital bed.

After the arrival of Milo, in the account of the newborn they published a fun riddle inspired by the signs of the zodiac to realize how much earlier the baby had been born. “I had to be a Taurine or a Gemini, but I was almost born an Aquarian and for a day I am a Piscean. Who I am?”, they wrote next to a heart emoji. According to the dates, they expected Milo for mid-May, since on the 21st of that month the change from Taurus to Gemini occurs.

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