It is the most traditional dish, but with a different ‘twist’, in one of the most traditional restaurants in Madrid. It is the Madrid stew, and it is still the ideal time to enjoy it before the real heat arrives. In this case, the plan is to enjoy your Cocido Gourmet de Wonder House. It is about pairing each turn with a faithful ambassador of the land, with Wines Denomination of Origin Madrid. This unique proposal is limited edition and will only be available in this restaurant until May 31. It is made up of the traditional 3 turns that this luxury tavern has accustomed us to, with its respective wine.

First turn around: Stewed soup with substance and thin noodles, totally defatted. It is served with four accompaniments so that each person can season it to their liking: crushed tomato with cumin, extra virgin olive oil with Pimentón de la Vera, sour piparra and chickpeas from the same stew.

Pairing: For this first tasty turnaround, a white wine -Albillo-, a completely native variety of Madrid, has been thought of. It is a very personal and gastronomic wine. It has a pale color and aromas reminiscent of quince jelly, pears, and white flowers. It is a very original wine due to its smooth and silky mouthfeel, perfect for pairing this wonderful wine.

Second twist: Whole Castilian chickpeas, which are tender and buttery when bitten, carrot, potato, leek, turnip, cabbage and, now, pumpkin (which gives it a unique flavor).

Pairing: These chickpeas and vegetables already have the flavor of several hours of cooking, therefore, a good accompaniment is a Tempranillo Crianza wine, harvested from old vines that give it a special identity. A perfect fusion between floral aromas and ripe black fruit is appreciated. It remains for several months in American oak barrels.

Third turn: Juicy meats and to the point: beef, lean pork, chorizo, blood sausage, chicken, bacon, pig’s feet, cap (part that goes from the ear to the snout of the animal), ham and the famous ‘ball’.

Price per person: €40