The success of Super Mario Bros. The Moviebecause the public continues to attend movie theaters to enjoy the adventure of Mario and Luigi in search of saving themselves and helping the Mushroom kingdom, led by Princess Peaches.

However, it is an unusual success. And the best thing, for the owners of the video game that gave rise to the tape, is that it has come to enchant both gamers and non-players.

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With everything and the criticism, the successful film has led more than one to wonder if it is a go-ahead from the public for a future series of derivative productions. About this he spoke the creator of the video game, the Japanese Shigeru Miyamoto.

“Nintendo is like a talent agency. We have a lot of entertainment, ”he replied when asked about this possibility in an interview published in the Nikkei media.

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Super Mario Bros poster

“There are many possible paths that we can take,” he added without ruling out the possibility of a universe derived from Nintendo-brand video games. They can be used characters that can fit into movies or well-known characters.

Miyamoto did not give further details, but it was enough to sow hope in the public. Since he is not unreasonable to imagine future movies based on The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Xanoblade Chronicles or Splatton.

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However, it remains to wait for the development of projects that follow the path marked out by this film, which has also motivated many to rediscover the game whose protagonists are the famous plumber, his brother Luigi and Princess Peaches.