Susana Gimenez She is used to causing a furor in every corner of the country she visits. The diva is a true icon of national culture and, despite the fact that she is far removed from television, her popularity is intact.

In the last few hours, the driver made a very interesting plan with her daughter, Mercedes Sarrabayrouse. Together they dedicated themselves to walking and sightseeing through the iconic Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Telmo and those present did not take long to request photos with the blonde actress.

As they could be seen on social networks, together they visited an old gallery of San Telmo, they relaxed, enjoyed themselves and saw some relics. The main place they went to was the old shopping mall Ezeiza Housewhich is located on Calle Defensa at 1100.

Seeing the very Susana Gimenezthe local merchants were super happy about the visit and shared the emotional moment on social networks as a sign of gratitude. As a result of the pandemic, the diva settled in her farm east point and it is less and less common to see it in our country, which increased the surprise of the witnesses.

On this occasion, he used a calm but elegant look. Susana Gimenez It is splendid and it showed itself as such. Her sympathy was dressed in a black suit and a white shirt under a blazer that had gold buttons. In addition, she combined her loose blonde hair with some very large dark glasses.

The war between Susana Giménez and Nacha Guevara

The war between the divas arose the week when Nacha Guevara was consulted about the relationship between the two. “I rarely see Susana because she is lost there in the steppes“, the artist began about Gimenez.

Everyone has the right to live where they want. If she made her money legitimately, she can live where she wants, give it away, buy 10 bison covers, I don’t know, let her do what she wants,” the singer reflected on Susana’s decision to live in Uruguay.

Although Susana tried to downplay the issue, Gustavo Descalzi, a correspondent for América TV from Uruguay, reported that he spoke with the diva and she commented: “Every time he needs a camera he talks about me. And now, what got hold of this one?.

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