the night of Martin Iron 2023 It was lived with great emotion and with several tributes to the great stars that passed through Argentina TV. Almost at the end of the night APTRA he made him a tribute to Antonio Gasalla that moved both those present and viewers, recalling the multiple roles that the actor played.

Susana Gimenez He took the stage to receive the statuette in his name: “He was with me for so many years, and he made me spend the most beautiful years of my life, always laughing at everything, without a script. You know everything he did. He is an unmatched actor, no one is going to be like him,” he said, and through tears: “I want to tell you that no one is going to forget you in your life, ever again. I love you Antonio.”

Before the diva goes up, the tribute was presented by her friend Marcelo Polino, who, after pointing out his importance as an artist, declared: “He is not having a good moment of health today, but I believe that energy always comes. Antony is television”. And about to break, he concluded: “Thank you Antonio for your infinite talent, for so many laughs and everything you gave us.”

Martín Fierro 2023: Mirtha Legrand’s unexpected tribute to Susana Giménez

The night of the awards Martin Iron 2023 brought several surprises both to the guests of the great event and to the viewers who enjoyed the award ceremony. Almost towards the end of the night, two television divas met at a tribute and confessed their friendship behind the scenes. Mirtha Legrand presented the lifetime achievement award to Susana Gimenez and took the opportunity to give her some emotional words accompanied by a video with various clips of Susana’s projects.

“She lives for her work. I have never heard her speak of anyone. It is very difficult to be a diva, to be a star. The diva that I award with all my affection, with all my love, It is Mrs. Susana Giménez”said Legrand as he took his colleague by the hand, who announced that he would return to TV soon.

“For me it is an honor that you have given me this award and that you have said such beautiful, affectionate things,” replied Susana, who gave the same tribute statuette to Mirtha one year ago. “We are family, we are part of the television family”Susana mentioned.

In addition, Susana announced that next year she will do her classic program on Telefe again. And between laughs, Mirtha said, “Tell us that we wasapamos at dawn”, “Yes! We are night owls”, acknowledged Susana.

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