After a few years of absence from television, Susana Gimenez shines again on the screen, but this time on the screen of the new generations via streaming. The star host of Telefe will be part of the channel Olga de Miguel Granadosin which he will give an exclusive interview about his artistic career, his new projects and his private life.

This meeting is a before and after in the world of streaming, since it will be the first time that the diva will set foot in a studio of these characteristics. And more than that too, taking into account that she hasn’t given face-to-face interviews for a long time, not even in traditional media.

The note can be viewed completely free of charge on July 6 through YouTube and Twitch, bringing different generations together to enjoy a promising interview by mixing Susana’s spontaneity and anecdotes with the irony, acidity, and irreverence of Migue Granados. .

The interview with Susana Giménez in turn boosts the growth expectation of Olga who,
Less than a month after its launch, it had unprecedented growth in the new
industry: during the last week the broadcast of the programs Soñé que Volaba y Sería
Incredible exceeded its maximum peak of simultaneous users day by day, until Friday the 30th
of June prevailed over signs that have been installed for years with their contents, such as
Urbana Play or Vorterix.

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