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The Philippine police said a wanted suspect in the Oct. 3 murder of a radio commentator turned himself in to the police. said he was arrested on suspicion of murder. The incident is that Mr. Percival Mabasa, a famous local radio commentator in Parañaque City, Metro Manila, was shot dead by two men riding a motorcycle on his way to work at a broadcasting station. The police identified the suspect based on eyewitness information and CCTV (surveillance cameras) near the scene, and placed them on a wanted list with a photo of their face. The suspect, Joel Estorial, 39, was arrested and reportedly turned himself in to police on the 17th. Regarding the reason for appearing, the suspect stated, “I felt uneasy and scared when I saw the wanted list of the important witness whose face was reflected.” Police said, “This is a big step in the investigation. It will be,” he said, expressing expectations for the future clarification of the truth and the arrest of accomplices. On the morning of the 18th, Estorial was handcuffed and dressed in a helmet, bulletproof vest and black mask in front of the press at the National Police Headquarters in the presence of Interior Minister Benhur Avalos and senior National Police officers. and made a shocking confession about his motives for killing Mabasa. It said, “I was ordered to kill Mr. Mabasa by someone inside a major prison in the Philippines,” and “I don’t know exactly who.” Investigators believe that the “main prison” refers to the Bilibid National Prison, local media reported. Following the suspect’s confession, the Philippine Department of Corrections said it had asked the Bilibid prison superintendent to investigate and submit a report on the relationship between the shooter and unidentified inmates. The suspect also revealed that three of his accomplices, two of his own brothers and another, were involved in the crime. Police have identified five accomplices in the investigation so far, but three have been identified and are being sought for arrest, while the remaining two accomplices remain unidentified. Unknown. ===== According to Estorial, two teams were formed to kill Mr. Mabasa, and the two men who were in the most killable positions were supposed to shoot, saying, “I happen to be the closest to Mr. Mabasa.” I was there,” he said. After that, he said, “I was threatened that I would be killed if I didn’t shoot and kill Mr. Mabasa, so I shot.” He also revealed that the killing team was paid a “remuneration” of 550,000 pesos (about 1.4 million yen), and told Mr. Mabasa’s bereaved family, “Please forgive me. I wanted to. Mavasa’s family aspires to achieve justice, the Mavasa family issued a statement on the 18th regarding the progress of the investigation, thanking the police for the investigation and saying that Mavasa’s murder has long been recognized by journalists and media in the Philippines. He said he aspired not to be just one on the “assassination” list. In addition, he expressed his thoughts on realizing justice based on the law, saying, “I hope that the identity of the mastermind behind the incident will be clarified in the future investigation, and that it will lead to arrest and prosecution.” The Philippine parliament also said, “Isn’t it really absurd to spend government tax dollars protecting the murder mastermind in a government facility prison?” Furthermore, it has been pointed out that there is a problem with the fact that it is possible to “request crime” from outside the prison, and the criminal justice system established during the Spanish colonial era is “outdated in modern times” and should be reviewed. The Mabasa murder case has had an impact on various fields, and the aftermath is spreading widely, such as the opinion of the lawmakers. With the arrest of the perpetrators of Mr. Mabasa’s murder this time, it is expected that the investigation will proceed at once, but even if all the members of the execution team are arrested, the prison is said to have requested the murder of Mr. Mabasa. There is a strong view that it will take time to identify the “mastermind” who is serving time in prison. In the Philippines, there is a “dark syndicate” of drugs and crimes by prison inmates, and although there are cases of “criminal requests” for collaborators outside the prison and people hired with money, the mastermind and syndicate It is said that the actual situation is that there are almost no cases of being exposed and disposed of. For that reason alone, the public is paying close attention to how far the Philippine police’s investigation of the murder of Mr. Mabasa will approach the mastermind. [執筆者] Tomohiko Otsuka (freelance journalist) Born in 1957 in Tokyo. He graduated from Kokugakuin University, Faculty of Letters, Department of History, and dropped out of the George Washington University Graduate School of Religious Studies. Joined the Mainichi Shimbun in 1984. After working at the Nagano branch office and in charge of the Defense Agency of the Tokyo Foreign News Department, he became the Jakarta branch manager. In 2000, he joined the Sankei Shimbun, where he served as Singapore bureau chief, and in charge of the Ministry of Defense of the Social Affairs Department. Since 2014, he has been covering Southeast Asia as a freelance reporter affiliated with Pan Asia News. His books include “The Self-Defense Forces in Asia” (Toyo Keizai Inc.), “The Road to a Democratic Nation, Jakarta Report 2000” (Shogakukan), etc. Suspect Estrial appeared in front of reporters wearing a black mask ABS-CBN News / YouTube / YouTube .

Suspect in murder of Philippine radio commentator turns in “Order to kill from mastermind behind wall”

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