The word sword comes from the Latin spatha and in turn from the Greek spathe. Today the sword maintains its etymological origin in French as épéein Italian as sword and in english swordaccording to the portal ‘World of Swords’.

It is because of its historical importance that it is one of the best known weapons in the world. and is classified into different types, depending on the metal age in which the weapon was built.

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Appearance of the sword

The sword made a very early appearance in human history, specifically in the year 4,000 BC.when they were made from copper sheet (very weak), later from bronze, iron, and finally from tempered steel.

The first sword to be made in the world was made of bronze from a dagger in the 2nd millennium BC.beginning in the Bronze Age, according to the swords blog ‘Mariano Zamorano’.

These first works began in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and Mesopotamia, which marks the beginning of the use of the sword in Europe.

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These began to be perfected over the centuries and began in a massive way in the 13th century BC, when they began to use iron elements for the manufacture of swords, called the Iron Age.

Steel swords become more common from the 11th century ADwhen blacksmiths learned that by adding a certain amount of coal to iron, they could produce steel, an element that was used in combats and wars until the 19th century.

That is why the sword of San Lazzaro is considered the oldest sword in the world, dating from its appearance in the year 5,000 BC.. It was built in the city of Anatolia, in Türkiye.

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This element appeared in the city of Venice, discovered by the doctoral student Dall’ Armellina who recognized the antiquity of the sword, because, when comparing it with other spies that he had studiedthere was nothing like it.

The history of Bolívar’s sword


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