Sylvester Stallone is, without a doubt, one of the most recognized actors in the world.since since he was young he has given his life to this strong and complicated profession.

Rocky is the film franchise with which Sylvestre Stallone became known as an actor.

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It is known that the American has acted in an endless number of films, but in one of the sagas in which he has stood out the most is “Rocky”. In this feature film, the actor not only carried out his profession as a protagonist, but was also part of the direction of one of the most emblematic films of the 80s.

After this, it has accompanied several generations over the years and for this reason it is considered one of the most recognized sagas in cinema when it comes to talking about the relationship between boxing and the seventh art.

A few days ago, the famous and popular world actor had an interview with the American media ‘WSJ’ in which he revealed many aspects of his life. One of them was the one that would attract the most attention, since he revealed everything he did to have the slender figure he had when he was young and starred in the saga of films already mentioned.

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“I am a coffee drinker, but I still have reflux, so I have to reduce it. I used to drink about 10 cups a day. Actually, I used to drink about 25 cups a day when I was doing Rocky 3. All my breakfast would be maybe two little oatmeal cookies made with brown rice and 10 cups of coffee. because I wanted to keep my body fat at 2.8%. I was forgetting my phone number. I only ate tuna. My memory was shot, it was completely gone. I was receiving all kinds of debilitating physical effects. But it was for the cause, ”said the popular Hollywood actor in his interview.

However, it can be said, after listening to these statements, that the interpreter hid very well all those problems that he felt years agobecause, according to him, his only objective was to take ‘Rocky’ to the top.

In addition, it must be made clear that Stallone was recognized worldwide for his performance, but also for the great sacrifices he had to make to position himself at that time as one of the best actors.

Since its first edition, ‘Rocky’ achieved, due to its good performance, many outstanding awards for the film academy, among the most important are:

  1. Oscar Award for Best Film.
  2. Oscar Award for Best Director.
  3. Oscar Award for Best Editing.
  4. Golden Globe Award for Best Dramatic Film.
  5. Japan Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film
  6. Among others.

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