The night in the City of Light has always been synonymous with romance and style. And a clear example of this combination is being the couple formed by Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva, whom we have been able to see enjoying Paris at a dinner, through the ‘stories’ that they are sharing on their Instagram profiles. And, of course, as with every appearance of the Marchioness, we couldn’t help but pay attention to the ‘look’ chosen for the occasion. In this case, it corresponds 100% to the style to which Falcó has accustomed us. Masterfully combining informal and formal elements. His choice for this Parisian night of lovers has been a choice of ‘cropped’ type jeans, that is, with a flared ankle-length hem, blazer jacket and heels.

Tamara Falcó with ‘cropped’ jeans in Paris

Tamara Falcó has become a fashion benchmark thanks to her talent for turning any garment or outfit, no matter how casual, elegant. As on this occasion, she that she chose to wear a pair of skinny jeans with a straight cut and a ‘cropped’ finish that gave her outfit a casual and carefree touch. And that he has combined with a black blazer jacketwhich adds sophistication and structure to the ensemble.

However, The most sophisticated of Tamara’s ‘look’ were her heels. She opted for tall, elegant ones that added a feminine touch. and stylized to his ‘outfit’. Choosing heels over flats showed Tamara’s boldness and confidence in her own personal style. In addition, the heels helped to visually elevate her look, creating a slimmer silhouette and elongating her legs.

tamara falco

Instagram Tamara Falco