In mid-2022, more precisely in the month of May, the artist, Philip Pettinato was in the middle of a police investigation after his apartment caught fire and one person died: his friend Melchor Rodrigo. It happened on the 16th of the aforementioned month, the date on which his life changed completely, because those who were close to him suspected his guilt. Since then, this part has been carrying out a rehabilitation and one of the people closest to him, who puts his heart and soul into the situation, is Tamara Pettinato.

Philip He had a birthday and she dedicated tender words to him. “Today one of my idols turns 30: my little brother Felipe Juan. Someone who teaches me from birth that being different is just as good as being one more. Someone who did not allow himself to be destroyed by bullying (something that is still done to him even from the media) although he was very close to losing the battle ”began.

Tamara Pettinato greeted her brother Felipe for his birthday.  Screenshot
Tamara Pettinato greeted her brother Felipe for his birthday. Screenshot

Then, the journalist continued with her story and referred to the present, 11 months without consuming anything that had her in the abyss:Today he fights to get ahead and those of us who love him and know his suffering are not going to leave him alone. I am sharing your words today (with your permission) because I know they can help others who are suffering from addiction or mental illness. Happy Birthday”.

After that, tamara showed a message that his brother wrote, which reads: “My mom sent me this photo of my birthday with my brother and my nephew to remind me how grateful I should be today, one year later.”

It saddens me to look into my eyes and remember that I had lost hope. He couldn’t choose, but he believed that he was going to die drugged. I asked my daughter for forgiveness…But today I choose to live clean, I can prove it to you. I no longer live on guilt, but on love. Today I share 11 months and 11 days without alcohol and drugs”, He remarked from his willpower and leaving the message that he can leave.

“Drugs had taken over my life, I couldn’t live with or without them… It was very sad how I decided at the last moment to turn on the phone and agree to join my family, after having slept for three days and with a new megadose in the middle”, he continued Philip.

Felipe Pettinato with the director of the foundation (Instagram)
Felipe Pettinato with the director of the foundation (Instagram)

In the third image of the series that the artist’s sister uploaded, tamara showed an image of his brother with the director of the EIRA Foundation (Emotional and Interactive Center for Resilience Argentina), with this legend: “GThanks to EIRA today I am 11 months and 11 days clean from alcohol and drugs. Here with its founding director”.

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