Tao, the first child of the actress Calú Rivero and the businessman, Aito de la Rúa They find themselves going through a new life with the little one. The actress’s son was two months old, and callu He dedicated a tender post to him on his social networks accompanied by several photos and videos of the three of them together from his home in Juan Ignacio, Uruguay.

After saying take some time and find yourself away from the media, surrounded by peace and nature, callu I wroteor: “2 months of the great transformation. Are we doing well, right? It is the question that we constantly ask ourselves with Aito. Yes, we are doing well. We love you Tao. Already two months on earth, wrote the actress in her publication. The publication added thousands of likes and hundreds of comments for the family.

Calu Rivero with his partner and son.  Photo social networks
Calu Rivero with his partner and son. Photo social networks

The actress and DJ shared a sweet family photo album from the beach and showed her baby’s face and how she is growing, accompanied by her current partnerAito de la Rúa.

Tao de la Rúa.  Photo social networks
Tao de la Rúa. Photo social networks

Calu Rivero talked about his delivery at home

Calú Rivero she became the mother of her first child, Tao of the Rua, two months ago. This unique experience for the actress was carried out in her own home accompanied by an obstetrician and two midwives. As she anticipated months ago, she always sought a respected delivery that was carried out underwater.

Just days after giving birth, she decided to share some images of the most anticipated moment of her life. At the bottom of the photographs she decided to write a “mother’s letter to her midwives“.”Dear @edithdiezpartera Oh woman!! What power do you have? How exciting is the work you do. I feel deep admiration and gratitude. Months of accompaniment and of cultivating our bond to achieve the birth at home as I wished. A conscious birth, with pain, without fear and a lot of love that I will never forgetr,” wrote Riverothanking his midwife for the teachings she transmitted to him.

“graThank you also for introducing me to @mag.partera as a second midwife, sister Magdalena, I fell in love at first sight, her words of empowerment, her massages and support. Today he celebrated them in their role as Midwives, women full of strength, professionalism and empathy. Tight hug!!!”concluded excited by everything lived.

At the end of the photo gallery Calú Rivero He shared a new image in which Tao’s face can be seen sleeping on his arms. The happiness by Calu Rivero and Aito de la Rúa It is immense, which is why in recent times they have decided to abandon their roles as influencers on social networks to fully enjoy their fatherhood.

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