The clean sound of Ana and Jaime’s songs is one of the attributes of this brotherly duo that was born in 1969.

‘Ni chicha ni limoná’, ‘Café y petróleo’, ‘Mi país’, ‘La treintañez’, ‘Ricardo Semillas’, ‘Alba’, ‘A desalambrar’ are some of his most remembered songs. And also ‘Décimo grado’, “which was born as the soundtrack for a television series of the same name and became an anthem for young people of all time”, says Jaime Valencia.

Social music has been his hallmark. Over the years, each one took their own path: Jaime lives in the United States, and Ana, in Venezuela. But they often get together to do concerts and they will be on July 7 and 8 at the Teatro Cafam, at 8 pm

This time, their concerts will be symphonic. They will be accompanied by the Bogotá Symphony Orchestra (Fosbo), directed by the Colombian-Polish maestro Zbigniew Zajac, its artistic director and founder. Several of the Fosbo arrangers, such as Wolfgang Ordóñez, Daniel Velasco, Andrés Montero, Manuela Aguirre and Adrián Camilo Ramírez, gave Ana and Jaime’s songs a special sound, which answered our ‘Sound Questionnaire’.

The symphonic versions will be the differentiator. How have they prepared?
Ana (A.): It has been a beautiful process, from the team of very young arrangers, the joining of voices and choirs with the orchestra… I think it will be a surprise, since we have never had the opportunity to sing with a symphony .

What is the sound or noise that you hate the most?
A.: The car horns, I think they pollute the environment.

What is the top 5 artists that have influenced you?
Jaime (J.): I really like Djavan, The Beatles, Jethro Tull, James Taylor and Joaquín Sabina.

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What is the weirdest or funniest anecdote you have experienced in your career?
A.: We were invited to sing at a station in Barranquilla and the doorman didn’t let us in because he thought we were tall and it turns out that we are short.

With whom would you have liked to share the stage, a song or work by your side?
J.: With John Lennon, without a doubt!

Is there something or situation that you would change in your artistic life?
A. and J.: I think the trip has been worth it. We would not change anything, everything has been part of the process and that has enriched us as people and as artists.

What is the sound of nature that you like the most?
A. and J.: The one with the stream gives us peace. He connects us with the universe.

If they had not been what they are, what profession would they have?
A.: Jaime would be a publicist, and I, an artisan.

What has been the criticism that has bothered or hurt you the most and why?
A.: Jaime once dared to criticize the Buga Festival and the media vetoed him.

What is your top 5 artists of your genre that you like the most?
A. and J.: Pablus Gallinazos, Norman and Darío, Víctor Jara and Carlos Varela.

Do they sing in the shower? Singing?
A. and J.: The songs we like, including ours.

What instrument would you have liked to learn to play?
A.: Jaime, the piano, and me, the clarinet.

Do you have a place you go to for inspiration?
J.: There is no special place. When it comes to creating or composing, any place is perfect.

Have they written a song that they have never dared to interpret? Because?
A. and J.: No, never! Nothing has been left in the inkwell.

Ana and Jaime with the missing Vicky, in 2010.

What song do you dream of interpreting and have not been able to?
A. and J.: None! I think that everything we wanted to explore we have done regardless of the result.

What singer did you imitate when you were kids?
A.: Jaime, Joselito, and I, nobody.

What are your three favorite songs to light up a party?
A. and J.: The cold drop, Without an illusion and Disheveled.

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
A. and J.: Both.

What are the three best concerts in which you have been in the public?
J.: Yes, Jethro Tull, Roger Hodgson, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel.

What was the first record you bought?
A. and J.: The one from the Colombian group Los Flippers.

What song makes you cry?
A.: ‘The escape’.


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