April 30, Maxima Zorreguieta and William Alexander of Orange They will celebrate a decade as monarchs, and for the long-awaited anniversary it is estimated that no less than 100 lucky and unexpected people will accompany them. A round figure to review The 10 most iconic moments in the world of fashionwhich starred the monarch, from Buenos Aires, and who gave her the title of the most fashionable Queen of the European monarchies.

This Argentinian, who enjoys living in a fairy tale, which took her from her childhood in Buenos Aires to a successful professional career in New York and a life as a princess first and queen later in the Netherlands, won over, despite to be an outsider, the heart of all her subjects. Her joy, her commitment and her sharp eye to put together her looks, have made her stand out among the other monarchs..

After Beatrix from the Netherlands made the decision to abdicate in April 2013, the then queen became princess and her son Guillermo and his wife Máxima, the new kings of the Nordic country. “It is time for a new generation, and they are very prepared for this task.“, announced the mother of William I in his farewell speech.

Since then, William I and Maxima Zorreguieta have reigned with good acceptance rates among Dutch citizens. In addition, the Queen has stood out in every public appearanceand he did not allow himself to be inhibited by the great personalities of the European monarchies such as Isabel II, Kate Middleton or Letizia of Spain.

Máxima Zorreguieta and Guillermo I celebrated ‘King’s Day’ together in Rotterdam.

The 10 most iconic looks of Máxima Zorreguieta in her decade of reign

maximum zorreguietathe queen of the Netherlands has managed to win the title through the royal more daring and risky on its own merits. lover of maximalismof the outfits colorful and of the trends more disruptive, always under two premises: elegance and knowing how to be, which characterizes him. Thus, Argentina has made her most personal style a source of inspiration and a benchmark for a generation of royals that they have turned fashion into one of their best weapons of expression.

1) Máxima and her first look as queen

For the coronation of her husband, William I, and the day of her debut as queen, Máxima wore a klein blue dress of Jan Taminiauone of his head couturiers, For the occasion he chose a diamond and sapphire tiara.

Without a doubt, the monarch dazzled majestically in that dress with veiled body with enhanced chiffon and handmade applications of stones and glasswhich he raised with a cape coat matching the raised shoulders. A first look as a queen with excellent reviews.

2) The first indication of the good taste of Máxima de Orange

The night before William I was crowned, Máxima attended the traditional dinner at the Royal Palace in a dramatic Valentino dress with pleated, frills and waist checked with embroidery of stones. The bandeau tiara and the diamond necklace finished enhancing the look of who at that time would be the future Queen of the Netherlands.

3) Her fifth anniversary as Queen of the Netherlands

On the fifth anniversary of his reign, Maxima Zorreguieta She wore a spectacular champagne-colored dress fitted to the body, which had a large skirt with a train covered in flower embroidery.

4) Her maternity look from when she was expecting her first daughter: Amalia

There are countless photos of Máxima at different pregnant events. The news was shocking in the Royal Family and they received it with great happiness because the Netherlands already had an heir to the throne after William of Orange. On this line, the Queen was one of the most elegant in the celebration of the traditional Prince’s Day in The Hague in 2003. Some will attribute her glow to that shine of a new mother.

5) Máxima and her 100% Argentine outfit

For her first state visit to Canada, already as queen, Zorreguieta trusted the Argentine designer Benito Fernándezwho I believe for that occasion, a fuchsia dress with silk fringes and asymmetric neckline that matched with peacock tiara. Fernández is the favorite chosen by maximum zorreguieta to dress on special occasions: they share a taste for vibrant colors.

“In the only gala that was held on that visit. It was very rare because I had sent it to him 15 days before by plane, without thinking that he was going to use itit is seen that he already had a suit awarded for that tour and, nevertheless, he put it on three days after it arrived,” revealed Benito, in an interview.

6) The audacity of Maxima Zorreguieta with the color

Máxima is the queen of color, if the looks of her reign had to be simplified in one word, it would be: color. There is no color that resists the Dutch monarch. She always takes her colorful outfits one step further. Whether they are monoblock pieces with volume or raise them with prints picturesque, accompanied by great headdresses.

7) The 3D dress that Máxima Zorreguieta he wore on his 50th birthday

The look with which Maxima Zorreguieta celebrated its 50 years in a concert at the Sala Carré in Amsterdam. For the event, to which he went with his entire family, he chose a creation by the Dutch designer iris van herpen, a model with a nude background from which grayish blue lines stand out and which she combined with emeralds. This 3D partis part of the futuristic and surreal aesthetic that characterizes Ven Herpen: his volume games and psychedelic patterns are a constant of his brand.

8) Fan of headdresses

no one like Queen Máxima knows how to wear all kinds of hats, hats and headdresses. Whether floral, feathered or big hats, the Dutch monarch knows how to use the impact resource with accessories very well.

9) A low-cost queen

Maxima de Orange often puts together low-cost looks from the most international firm of Inditex, Zara and Massimo Dutti. This yellow suit is one of the ones he has worn the most times.

10) The perfect wedding guest

Máxima has known how to set style at the numerous weddings to which she has been invited, and has given a lecture on how not to overshadow the bride without losing glam. One of her most remembered guest looks of hers is the dress on the left of skintight silhouette with bardot neckline for the wedding of Sofía Hellqvist and Carlos Gustavo from Sweden.

The second most commented look is the one she wore at her brother Juan’s wedding. Event to which she arrived with an impressive all-embroidered sweetheart neckline dress and as I coat one majestic cape with a lot of volume.

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