If there is a place in the world to indulge in hedonism, that is Galicia. Beyond its magnetic beaches and the idyllic Galician coastal towns, in this land they can boast of having a gastronomy out of series. With its raw materials, we could compose a luxury still life that few regions of the globe could even match. Unrepeatable seafood, fish with a ‘top’ flavor, meats of international prestige, an exceptional garden, cheeses that are a dish in themselves, breads with history… The list of products that we find in the sea and in the mountains to enjoy a feast is eternal.

      Although the best setting to enjoy these delicacies is Galicia, and in summer we enjoy eating in the restaurants of the Rías Baixas, heWe Madrid residents are lucky to have a direct connection with its gastronomy. The best of the markets, the livestock and its orchards arrive daily in the capital. In addition, a group of chefs with a very particular vision of gastronomy have brought their talent to revolutionize the city with extraordinary Galician restaurants.

      An excellent raw material and the overflowing creativity of the ‘Galician’ chefs meet in these Galician restaurants in Madrid. Take note and let yourself be bewitched by its ‘gastro’ proposals.

      Galician restaurants in Madrid

      The offer in Madrid is quite extensive, Among our favorite Galician restaurants in Madrid are Lúa, Nado, Farmacia de Guardia, O’Pazo, Since 1911, Portonovo, A’Ollo, Alabaster, Arallo Taberna, Morgana, Naveira D’O Mar, La Gran Pulpería, Los Remos and the different options of the La Penela group. At its tables we find the ancestral tradition inherited from pulpeiras, recipes with avant-garde touches, the best product that exists in its estuaries and mountains and a lot of Galician magic.


      Galician restaurants in Madrid Lúa de Manuel Domínguez

      Chef Manuel Dominguez.


      The undisputed leader in Madrid is Manuel Domínguez, that with homely flavors is the only Galician restaurant with a Michelin star in the capital. Inspired by his roots, the chef of O Carballiño has created sensational cuisine with which to get excited and at the same time feel at home. On the menu and the tasting menu (which changes with the seasons) of lua

      , updates the classic recipe book placing the sea and its delicacies as protagonists. It is the best example of the avant-garde well understood and dishes like the ‘caldeirada stripe on Iberian pork soup’, the ‘shrimp bravas’ or its famous ‘Santiago liquid cake’ are the best examples of this. A plus? He has a caprice cellar and his own wine, ‘A Tiro Fijo’, is perfect to enliven each of his creations.

      Paseo de Eduardo Dato, 5 (Madrid).
      Menu from €92.
      Average price: €65.

      Xeito! 19’20”

      Galician restaurants in Madrid I swim

      Xeito! 19’20” is the reconversion of the Madrid project that Iván Domínguez It opened in the year 2020. Although the NaDo menu was brilliant with an exquisite interpretation of Galician cuisine through haute cuisine, the numbers did not come out. In this new stage, the chef is committed to the concept of a Galician tavern to remain faithful to his roots and offer us a delicious range of traditional dishes. The menu is more relaxed, it is designed to share and there are plenty of tapas and portions. The marinades triumph, perfectly executed, and they serve heart-stopping hake in stews. Leave room for dessert because their flan is one of the best in the country.

      Prim, 5 (Madrid).
      Average price: €45.

      Pharmacy open

      Galician restaurants in Madrid pharmacy de guardia

      Lañada scallops, from Farmacia de Guardia.

      white loreto

      Galician restaurants in Madrid pharmacy de guardia

      Table in Guard Pharmacy.

      white loreto

      If what you are looking for is a new point of view of Galician cuisine, Pharmacy open and its exciting dishes will surprise you. Located in the eclectic Malasaña neighborhood, this Galician restaurant in Madrid is the tavern expression of Iñaki Bretal (with a Michelin star in Eirado da Leña, Pontevedra), who together with Ivan Liu, get explosive flavors in barnacles, scallops, crabs and cockles. Pure mambo with a ‘deluxe’ hit.

      Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 49 (Madrid).
      Average price: €35.


      Galician restaurants in Madrid opazo

      Cockles from the estuary in O’Pazo.

      A Coruña fishmongers

      The purest tradition is found in O’Pazo. Its specialty is the sea, not in vain is it one of the five restaurants in Pescaderías Coruñesas, but it is also a restaurant in which to fall into the sins of meat with temptations such as beef tenderloin. On a first visit we always recommend trying the delicious Carril clams to touch the sky.

      Reina Mercedes, 20 (Madrid).
      Average price: €80.

      since 1911

      Galician restaurants in Madrid since 1911

      Room from Since 1911.

      A Coruña fishmongers

      The latest opening of the Pescaderías Coruñesas group is not far behind. Open for a few months, it is already one of the best restaurants to taste Galician delicacies. With an absolute dedication to the product and traditional techniques, it has already been baptized as the best port of Madrid, since 1911 It is the meeting point for foodies who want to enjoy the best seafood and fish of the day in a designer setting. It is the temple to visit when you are looking to treat yourself to luxury.

      Nursery, 3 (Madrid).
      Menus from: €130.


      Galician restaurants in Madrid Portonovo

      Portonovo terrace.


      Are you looking for a good Galician where you can enjoy its delicacies in the open air? The restaurant portonovo It has an impressive landscaped space, granary included, which will take you back to summer on the estuaries. In addition, non-stop hours have arrived on the terrace of this seafood and fish classic. To celebrate it, a few months ago they launched a tapas menu that will delight fans of snacking. Welcome to the Galician afternoon!

      Aguarón, 7 (Aravaca, Madrid).
      Average price: €50.


      Galician restaurants in Madrid Alabaster

      Grilled razor clams with seaweed vinaigrette in Alabaster.


      ‘Steam croquettes’, ‘Galician-style cured sea bass sashimi’, ‘fried scallops in prawn powder’, ‘grilled razor clams with seaweed vinaigrette’… Galician excellence materializes in the menu of alabaster, where the best raw materials combine with light avant-garde touches and traveling techniques. Here the cult of the product and creativity are linked in each dish. Although its strong point is the sea, be sure to try the impressive ‘sirloin steak tartare with soufflé potatoes’. His winery is sensational and means that there is no other Galician like it in all of Madrid.

      Montalban, 9 (Madrid).
      Average price: €60.

      Arallo Tavern

      Galician restaurants in madrid arallo taberna

      Room with kitchen in view of Arallo Taberna.

      Arallo Tavern

      The cane version of the kitchen that they practice in Alabaster can be found in the bar Arallo Tavern. His is a menu free of corsets and in which many recipes present brushstrokes from other countries, from Mexico to Japan, passing through Peru or India. If you are looking to give a meaningful ‘twist’ to Galician traditions, its bar with an open kitchen will be your downfall.

      Reina, 31 (Madrid).
      Average price: €35.


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      The kings of the Galician mambo. That’s what we call the boys from Morgana, who arrived in Madrid with the firm purpose of stirring up the city with their creations and have fulfilled their purpose. Among its regulars we find grilled octopus or a brioche of Galician stew and San Simón cheese that always make our hearts happy, but its off-label dishes are pure joy. They serve the same grilled barnacles as pilpil cod tripe with Tonkatsu-cured yolk, fried lace, edamame and yuzu. If there is no room in this restaurant, make a reservation at its Volandeira tavern. Same roll but even more scoundrel.

      Freedom, 5 (Madrid).
      Average price: €45.

      The Lawrence

      Lorenza's potato omelette

      The Lawrence

      Another restaurant that combines the traveling character and Galician traditions is The Lawrence. Located in the Lavapiés neighbourhood, this tavern with a modern air and a classic spirit combines on its menu dishes such as sweet potato omelette with eggs from Galiña de Mos and gyozas with octopus stew and smoked potato foam. If you go and have the Lalín stew, you have to try it no matter what.

      Doctor Piga, 3 (Madrid).
      Average price: €40.

      Garelos Tavern

      Galician restaurant tavern garelos in madrid

      Taberna Garelos table in Food Hall Galería Canalejas.

      Garelos Tavern

      A classic Galician restaurant in Madrid is Garelos Tavern. Its tables have been part of some of the most fabulous seafood dishes because they always have the best genre brought from the Galician coast. We love to eat razor clams, octopus, scallops, empanadas, Padrón peppers, the typical Sanchón cannon or any of the delicacies on the menu on the precious Sargadelos tableware. The best? They have three stores in Madrid.

      Blanca de Navarra, 6 (Madrid).
      The Spanish, 11 (Madrid).
      Alcalá, 12 (Food Hall Canalejas Gallery, Madrid).
      Average price: €45.


      Galician restaurants in Madrid a'ollo

      Inner hall of A’Ollo.

      juan antonio partal

      Located on the seventh floor of the INNSiDEby Meliá Madrid Gran Vía hotel, in the heart of Madrid, A’Ollo is the new ‘place to be’ for feasting and enjoying the capital’s ‘skyline’. Its gastronomic proposal combines traditional Galician recipes with avant-garde techniques, although what is truly special is the hospitality that they offer in their service. They will make you feel at home.

      Innkeeper Romans, 13 (Madrid).
      Average price: €45.

      Ocafu Group

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      They began their journey in Madrid as La Penela and now they have five taverns Ocafu scattered throughout the city. Its success is due to the tradition that each of its dishes and portions preserves. The ‘bestseller’? The tortilla, made in the Betanzos style, is one of the most successful in all of Spain. It seems to us the perfect Galician for a large gathering of friends.

      Velazquez, 96 (Madrid).
      Average price: €40.

      Naveira D’O Mar

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      In Naveira D’O Mar you will find the best delicacies in Galicia. They do not have flashy decoration or other things that are common in other restaurants, but the product is top quality. Seafood, meat, fish… you decide, but we assure you that you will leave completely satisfied.

      Santa Juliana, 57 (Madrid).
      Average price: €40.