This Saturday, May 6, the king Charles III was crowned, after the death of his mother, the Queen isabel IIwho has been in command of the British crown for the past 70 years. Her Majesty became the 40th monarch of the United Kingdom to be enthroned in Westminster Abbey in front of the eyes of the entire world, which is attentive to this historic event.

When Isabel II was the protagonist of this fantastic tradition, Carlos was just 4 years old and Winston Churchill was the nation’s prime minister. Back then (1066), William the Conqueror he became the first King of England to be consecrated in the Gothic cathedral. Until then, coronations were held wherever convenient and took place in different cities in Great Britain, such as Bath, Oxford and Canterbury, among others.

The 5 differences between the enthronements of Carlos III and Isabel II

At the coronation of Carlos alone 2 thousand people entered the cathedralwhile Elizabeth II had 8,251 guests, that is, four times more than his son. On the other hand, the religious service lasted one hour instead of three, as was done 70 years ago.

Queen Elizabeth II, Charles at age 4 and her aunt Princess Margaret

However, one of the main differences is the time they had to organize the ceremony, Carlos started planning it in September 2022while Elizabeth had 482 days, a year and almost four months, to prepare his coronation. Although Carlos prepared himself for the role of sovereign decades ago, he only had 240 days (eight months) to organize his consecration as king.

King Carlos III and Queen Camilla

Another distinction, imposed in this case by Queen Elizabeth, is that Camilla Parker Bowles was crowned queen, an honor that was not granted to the late monarch’s husband, Prince Philip. According to experts, the man did not obtain the title of king because of an old rule of British royalty that decreed that the husband was only entitled to the title of prince consort.

Elizabeth II with the royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

The fourth novelty has to do with the carriages. Unlike her mother, who walked all the way to and from the Buckingham Palace to the westminster abbey aboard the spectacular Golden carriage of the Royal FamilyCarlos used two different vehicles: one before the coronation and another after becoming King of England.

Carlos III and Camilla with the royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

Finally, King Carlos decided that both his sister, the princess anneas his eldest grandson, prince george (who ranks third in the line of succession), have important roles in the ceremony. Unlike his mother and all previous monarchs, making a remarkable and historic difference.

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