In the adult Film Industry, few people have managed to get a name and achieve international recognition, One of those cases is that of the Colombian actress Esperanza Gómez, who has left her mark in this industry.

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Recently, the actress, who with her charisma and spontaneity conquer thousands of followers worldwideshared some of the most ‘crazy’ anecdotes that he has faced while recording.

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Through your TikTok account, Gómez usually answers some of the questions that his followers they leave him in private messages or comments on his posts, it was in this dynamic that he shared an unexpected ‘problem’ that caused him great pain.

Gómez recounted that in one of the recordings of a film for adults, which was set on a beach, a ‘little crab’ stung him in his intimate areaafter despair, he ran out all over the beach.

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The woman from Calda is 40 years old.


Images taken from Instagram: @yoesperanzagomez

“The craziest story that has happened to me, recording one of my movies was on a beach, a little crab hung from the little thing and I ran all over the beach like crazy, running and screaming with the crab hanging there” assured the Colombian.

His followers have highlighted the authenticity of the Caldense, assuring: “what a beautiful woman”“what a way to be so beautiful”, others have highlighted how dangerous it could be.

Also, in the last few weeks, Esperanza Gómez confessed that a couple she had put the horns on her with a very dear niece and for this reason he closed the doors of his life to both of them.

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