In January, bmw joined forces with the German Football League to become the first automaker to carry the bundesliga to their vehicles. Since then, customers of the new bmw 7 series from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can enjoy the matches of this tournament on BMW’s curved screen, when the vehicle is parked.

As a further step, customers will now also be able to enjoy Bundesliga matches on the massive screen. bmw theater. This will practically turn the rear seats of the BMW 7 Series into the front row seats of the court. At the same time, the offer will also be extended to other countries of Europe, America and Asia.

The BMW Theater screen transforms the rear of the new BMW 7 Series into an exclusive private cinema. The 31.3-inch widescreen offers first-class entertainment thanks to Amazon and to the integrated antenna system 5G compatiblewhich allows users to take advantage of the best possible transmission speeds.

For security reasons, Bundesliga content cannot be played on the front screen while driving. However, rear seat passengers can watch streaming on the BMW Theater screen while the vehicle is in motion.

Likewise, the in-car application of the Bundesliga offers on-demand content, such as highlights or match data, but also live broadcasts specially adapted to be viewed in the car.

This new offering from BMW is an important step into the future of connected cars and the way people enjoy entertainment on the go.

Car manufacturers are increasingly realizing the importance of delivering high-quality in-car entertainment experiences. The partnership between BMW and the German Football League is a perfect example of how technology can improve the user experience in the car.

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