Augustine Drubi He is a young man who lived in Argentina until he was 14 years old. Today, after becoming a successful businessman, he decided to bet on the country and come back to invest in it. His family decided to go to the USA so that both he and his siblings could study there, where he began his career designing websites and doing marketing for other companies, after that he went to university and became an orthodontist. went on to create the largest chain of private orthodontic clinics in Miami.

Like all entrepreneurs, he continued betting on his growth and created “Drubi Capital”, a company dedicated to identifying opportunities by acquiring other private companies as an investment. Once they have taken control of them, they advise them in various areas, but above all in marketing, seeking to generate progress and ultimately exponential growth for each company they join.

Agustín Drubi arriving in a private jet.

Currently, the portfolio of companies includes a chain of orthodontic clinics and a chain of dental clinics, a marketing agency and an advisory agency for clinics. In addition, it has various properties to develop in the future in the real estate business.

Following this diversified line of doing business and attentive to current times, Agustín is venturing into the world of start-ups as a financier of technologies that have not yet come to market. “Our goal is to continue to acquire private companies and grow our portfolio over time, similar to what ‘Warren Buffett’ has done over time,” Drubi said.

Agustín Drubi constantly travels in private jets where you make multiple express trips abroad.

“I returned to Argentina on vacation a year ago and decided to stay. Since I left, I wondered what it would be like to live here again, where I have my family and friends, to live again where I have a really good time, with my loved ones nearby. I still travel a lot, but I like it when I’m in my country. Abroad, all companies have their own management team and are in the hands of more than qualified people, which allows me time to think about new challenges”, added Agustín.

Drubi with one of his sports cars in Miami.

“In Argentina I am seeing the possibilities that exist, I notice above all in the world of new technologies, that there are many advances in the world that have not been implemented. I would like to develop my own start-up and/or in some way help this sector advance, either with investments or advice”, Dubri closed.

A life of luxury and extravagance

The young Argentine not only brought his business model to Argentina, he also exported his lifestyle. Drubi owns a collection of sports cars that includes a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a Rolls-Royce. In addition, enjoy getaways on luxurious yachts and move in private jets to travel around the world.

Now, the young man brings all his extravagances to the country, where he begins to attract the attention and curiosity of many, leading him to be present more and more in the public eye. Another important point that the Argentine exported was his parties, in which the renowned DJ was present in one of his last evenings. Fer Palacetaking charge of the trays at one of his events.

Agustín Drubi with DJ Fer Palacio at one of his last parties.

His eccentric life, his businesses and the different events he organizes are reflected in his social networksin which you can see everything that the young businessman is doing in his day to day.

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