This morning, Sunday April 30, there was an uncomfortable moment on the air of telefémore precisely in Morfi’s Rockwhen a viewer asked the air to return the former driver, jey mammon to the program.

During the presentation of a musical group, from the program they put on the air as usual the families that connect to the virtual platform to appear via zoom and, suddenly, a man approached the camera and showed a sign that said: Come back Jey!“. From the production they managed to quickly remove the message from the screen and Georgina Barbarossa, who replaces Jey, did not mention it.

The awkward moment occurred when Barbarossa had just presented Antonio Tarrago Ros. While you could enjoy the show of the folk music performer. It should be noted that currently Georgina Barbarossa is in front of Morfi’s Rocksince after the accusation against the musician for child sexual abuse, they separated him from the channel. Recently, the driver gave a note to relentless and it was very hard with the comedian.

First, Georgina told to replace mammon on the sunday morning show “It’s like going to a party going every Sunday”, although he pointed out that he arranged with telefe be occupied throughout April, which would end this Sunday the 30th.

“In that, he changed a lot and that’s why I didn’t talk to him anymore, because they didn’t make me feel like talking.“, explained the artist, referring to the change in attitude of the conduitr. “Jey, if you’re looking at this note, know it. Precisely because of that attitude he had, I think it’s very arrogant how he came back”Georgina said, alluding to the trip that Mammón made to Spain.

Then he continued “It seems to me that if he had spoken otherwise, things would be very different. If you say ‘sorry, I was wrong. It was another paradigm, another era and one did not take age so much into account, I think it would have been another answer“added the driver.

And then closed: “C.I believe that Jey is not well advised, and that makes me sad. I don’t know who he’s meeting with. I love him very much, I shared many moments, and that he has this moment like this, I don’t like how he is going through it.”

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